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Why Does A Personalised Social Media Presence Matter?

It’s no secret that people love to buy from people – not faceless, nameless brands. That’s why it’s so important to build not only a platform for your business, but for yourself. Having a personalised social media presence means you can connect with others on a more intimate level, which in turn ensures better engagement rates and high retentivity. 

When your clients feel as though they are speaking to a human and not an automated machine, they will engage more often with your posts and videos. You may also find that your clients will stay loyal to you because you have built a human connection. After all, that’s always been at the heart of great customer experience.

Tips to build a personalised social media presence

Instead of creating your own social media account, you can integrate your own personal touch to your brand’s existing social media account. Here’s some simple ways that you can build a personalised social media presence.

Have one-on-one conversations

When a client comments on your post, it’s a great opportunity to connect. It’s not enough to simply “like” the comment – instead, you should respond in a manner that is synonymous with your brand. This is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality. Don’t forget to respond as quickly as possible.

Celebrate holidays and birthdays

Get some professional photos developed of your team, and when their birthday arrives, share the post on your socials with a quote or some fun facts. You can also acknowledge all cultural holidays with a photo or video, which will help make your clients who celebrate these days feel recognised and valued by your brand.

Share user-generated content

Did a client have a great experience with your recent product or service? Invite them to share a photo or video or even a testimonial, and tag your brand. Then, you can share on your page (with their permission). This type of content builds trust, because it’s created by the client and not the brand.

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