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Our Unique 5D Process

At VIS, we help you achieve the best outcomes through our unique 5D System. We understand & respect that our clients have unique preferences, which is why our team of experts is strictly against the “cookie-cutter” approach. We aim to understand and deliver. And to do so, we implement our 5Ds model which is a cyclical process of 

Discover | Design | Develop | Drive | Deliver

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    This is the initial process of actually understanding your business, your needs and wants, and where your vision of business growth. We take this opportunity to collect as much information as possible to build the right strategies to hit where it matters. This stage allows our experts and consultants to:
    Generate information relevant to your business and project Get to know your business background, goals and marketing KPIs Understand your current and near future needs Understand your target market, products and services, competitors and trends Understand the specifications and functionalities required How to positioning and differentiate your company through a thought leadership Give you an overview of how we are going to help you achieve what you hired us for
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    Based on project objectives, competitive data, market research, analysis, & discussion ideas, now our team will design prototypes and proof of concepts based on your specific needs. We will map out the design solution according to your requirements which will include.
    Thought leadership research Positioning of your business and services (low end and high end treatments) Creative structure and designs Provocative content that gets noticed Reviews & approval. (Proof of concept, Ad copies, design solution map
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    Once you approve the design solution map, we will start preparing to launch your campaign.
    This includes:
    Full functionality testing & debugging Social media & third-party plug-in integration Cross-browser testing Mobile device responsiveness
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    Once we launch the campaign or project, our next step is to ensure that everything is going smoothly. We also work with your team hand in hand for an effective and measurable process. It includes:
    Test run and cross-platform testing Installation and kick-start the campaigns Monitor, test, measure and repeat for ongoing projects
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    We believe that delivering you the results you want is the most important factor, thus we make sure the results we deliver to you meet your expectations & objectives. This process involves:
    Getting the once-off project live Deliver quality leads and opportunities, with a weekly reporting system Increase your revenue while helping reduce your ongoing marketing costs Regular support and maintenance Build your digital brand and monetise it

We Deliver

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