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Referrals Marketing

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Referrals Marketing

We understand that all it takes is the right kind of nudge and your clients will spread the word of your service to others around them. You likely have a userbase that can already generate you leads but you are not taking advantage of it – we know how to make them be less quiet.

Nothing is more powerful in convincing a person to purchase a product or service than a referral, e.g. when researching to purchase a new laptop, and that person sees an ad on social media for laptop A, then a print ad for laptop B, and then a friend recommends laptop C. Which do you think has the persuasion?

The reason is because we already trust those we know. Referral marketing is one of the most effective strategies there is. Unlike ads, unless you are very familiar with the brand or have loyalty, the trust factor is missing. A recent Nielsen study shows that 92% of consumers trust the recommendation of people they know.

It is also interesting to note that 83% of satisfied customers are willing to recommend your product, however only 29% of those actually do. This is where VIS’s expertise in the industry is invaluable.


Before going to war, you need a sound strategy. The same goes for referral marketing. At VIS, we create a solid strategy specifically for your business and then implement it.


By analysing your competitors’ marketing strategies enables us to create a better strategy or make adjustments to reach your target audience.


Australians spend on average 2.5 hours on their phones. So why not take advantage with your referral marketing?

At VIS, we create a Referral Based Marketing Strategy that works. We increase the number of satisfied customers who share information with their friends. First an analysis is carried out on your business, products and services, by creating a strategy for a referral marketing system.

We also help perform competitive research so you are aware of what your competitors are doing. This is essential to understand what your audience requires.

But the key to successful referral marketing is to inform your clients what you have on offer – for brand awareness and to build a relationship with them.

At VIS we know how to build a better relationship and to increase the trust factor which leads to more referrals.

One way to reach out to your audience is through a SMS campaign. A study by Men’s Health shows that the average Australian spends 2.5 hours each day on their phones, confirming that is a good option to take.


Tried and tested, EDM’s are a great way to communicate with your audience. We are able to customise personal messages to your target market in order to increase conversion rates.


No matter how great the destination, if the road is a mess, then people won’t get there. This is true for your referral marketing system. Let us design an efficient funnel for your referral marketing campaign.

Many people have an email account which they check regularly. Sending regular communications for your referrals campaign builds a good relationship with your audience.

By having a proper funnelling design and a good implementation programme so that people can make a referral.

At VIS, we cover all these elements so that it becomes a successful referral marketing campaign. Book a free 30min consultation to understand more or email us at or call us at 1300 777 847.

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