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Recruitment Agency for Regional Businesses

We Specialise in Matching Onshore Skilled Candidates with the Employers Needing Their Service.

Do you own a business in regional Australia and are struggling with finding the right staff? We can help you.
Sourcing qualified, fully compliant job seekers ready to start the work
No relocation fee required
Flexibility with single or multiple hires in a batch

Guarantee 2 years work commitment

Streamlined recruitment and communication process
Spend time interviewing only pre-qualified candidates that meet your criteria

Helping Regional Businesses Thrive by Taking Over Recruitment Burden

At VIS, we understand that having a business in the regional area often comes with the challenge of not being able to find qualified candidates or not having enough choices that you have to settle for someone who does not fully tick all boxes.

That is why through our streamlined recruitment services, we help you find, screen and match qualified candidates who are looking for employers who can support them in their permanent residency journey.

Cherry on top, you can rest assured that the successful candidates will be willing to commit to at least 2 years of employment with you.

Who We Help

We offer recruitment services to a wide range of industries. Here are some of the areas we commonly work with.

If you are unable to find your category, do get in touch with us. Chances are that we can help you too!

Our Recruitment Process

Getting started with our recruitment process is simple.

Discovery Session

In this session, we will aim to understand your needs, requirements criteria, number of hires, deadlines and necessary qualifications. This will be our reference to find and match the candidates to fit your needs.

Candidate(s) Search

Once we have your requirements confirmed, using our talent acquisition strategy, we will list down candidates that may match your described criteria.

Thorough Screening

We will screen the candidates thoroughly based on your criteria, necessary qualifications and background check so we can find only cream of the cream for you.


The cream of the cream candidate that meets your needs will be selected as a first round and their details will be shared with you. This will substantially avoid your effort of combing through the mixed bag of all kinds of applicants.

Final Screening

The final selection process is where we organise interviews between your hiring team and your chosen candidates. You can see for yourself if you would like to onboard the applicant(s).


For us, success is when we place the selected candidate(s) into your organisation. This is when you pay for the service for this hiring lot.

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