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Partnership of VIS® with diverse companies have enabled us to be proactive, provide the best service to our clients, and generate quality results.

Brad Tonini

Brad is a highly sought-after sales strategist who transforms VIS corporate clients into trusted sales advisors. With over 16 years’ experience running his own business, Brad brings his wealth of knowledge to VIS clients to rapidly increase their sales and leads.

Corporate Uniforms and Workwear

For over 12 years, Corporate Uniforms & Workwear have provided premium quality work uniforms and promotional products. Specialising in embroidery, Mark and his team offer a complete uniform service to VIS clients. The team are experts at creating a brand for your business and pride themselves on durable embroidery services to leave a lasting impression.

Numbers Count

Number$ Count is responsible for the finance and administration functions of our business. Leanne and her team are proactive and diligent, and we trust them to support our company and our clients, and minimise stress.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Solutions specialises in direct mail marketing and bulk mailing for VIS and our clients. What is often a large and complex job for businesses, we trust that the team at Direct Mail Solutions offers easy and efficient bulk services.

Louise Bagger

With her photography awarded at state, national and international levels, there is no other professional photographer VIS trusts most for our clients. Louise’s nine years’ experience ensures services of exceptional quality, from the beginning of the shooting day to the finished product.