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What is Pinterest and How does it work?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where you can “pin” images found around the web into categorized collections or boards. Just imagine a corkboard where you can tack up cool photos, magazine articles, and inspirational quotes. Pinterest is somehow like that but its boundaries are not limited as in a corkboard. It is an online platform compared to Twitter where all the texts are replaced by images. It allows users to curate all visually appealing things they find online.

A lot of brands are not yet utilising Pinterest to its full potential. The audiences on Pinterest are different from other social networking sites in that users find it inspirational or seek help in a buying decision. If anyone is planning a birthday party or getting married or thinking to redesign a room layout, this is the best platform to use where you can actually visualize your plan instead of browsing through countless magazines and store catalogues.


Besides being a huge internet collage, each image on Pinterest links back to its place of origin.If a user finds something they like on Pinterest, there is a good chance they will at least click the source link and, at most, make a purchase.By clicking the link they will get to know details about their chosen products.
How does Pinterest works?

Pinterest is an “invite only,” where you can request an invite on the site with a quick turnaround for access. It is instantly accessibility by a login with Facebook or Twitter. The interface of Pinterest is very instinctive and users are encouraged to join to “get it” and the remainder is self explanatory.

Pinterest features include:

• Pin

A pin refers to the image or video that you wish to add to Pinterest. Either add a pin by uploading from your computer or by using the Pin It Bookmarlet. You can repin any pin on Pinterest and all those pins are then linked back to its source.
You can also easily share your pins on Facebook and Twitter.

• Board

A board is where you arrange your pins and simply categorise by topic. If you are pinning ideas for a birthday party then your board can be either secret or public where you can invite other people to pin their ideas on any of your boards.

• Follow

You can see pins of others that you have followed on your home feed. You can then follow other people’s boards or just the ones of your choosing. For managing your list of followings, go to your profile and click Following.

• Unfollow

If you are not interested in someone’s pin/board then simply unfollow them and their boards won’t show up in your home feed anymore. There will not be any notification if you unfollow someone so don’t worry about what they will say.

• Pin It Bookmarklet

With Pin It Bookmarklet, you can easily pin things you see on websites and blogs.

• Home Feed

Your home feed is a collection of pins from pinners and boards you follow. It’s updated every time you follow someone or add a pin.

Making your brand success with Pinterest:

• Follow, Repin and Like

We all know sharing is loving. Frequently sharing pins with the ones you followed will hopefully encourage them to follow you back and repin your pins.

• Create boards beyond your products and your brands

You can create boards beyond your products and brands and still be connected to your industry. For example, a bakery could pin some favourite kitchen gadgets or recipes.

• Add Pinterest icon

Add a Pinterest icon on your other sites and let your audience know where you are.

• Include a “Pin It” button

If you do not want to set up a profile on Pinterest then you can still get your brand involved by including a“Pin It” button on your product or blog pages. There is also a WordPress Pinterest Plugin where you can add a “Pin It” button to the blog posts.

We all believe in brands that are more visually appealing. That is why choosing to be with is an excellent decision Start you own pin now and see for yourself how you can grow against your competitors.

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