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Valentine’s marketing campaigns and the perfect engagement

Valentine’s marketing campaigns and the perfect engagement

Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance for brands or business owners to connect with their customers and share with them the spirit of appreciation, generosity, and of course, spread some LOVE!

Establishing a relationship between the brand and the consumer should be the heart of an effective Valentine’s Day marketing strategy. So, if you want to convince your customers or clients that you can provide the best Valentine’s Day experience, your brand needs to appear human more than just a sales pitch. 🙂

Here are some Valentine’s marketing campaign ideas for the perfect engagement.


Run a promotion on your best-selling products or services. Valentine’s Day is potentially one of the biggest sales opportunities of the year especially if your business sells chocolates, flowers or jewellery. These are the gifts that are sought after during Valentines Day. Running a promotion on items that can be purchased as gifts can be the best move that you can make. It is also anticipated by customers during this special day, so better grab the opportunity to offer them special promos.


Use Valentine’s Day hashtags. One of the best ways to promote any business on social media is by using hashtags. You can easily keep track of how many people have been sharing your campaign based on who’s using the hashtag. Don’t just add hashtags out there easily, use a combination of hashtags, one that’s relevant to your company and popular ones that are used by others. You can even use them in combination with questions. Like on Instagram, you can ask your followers what is the best Valentine’s Day gift that they ever received post an image of it with their hashtag to take part in a special contest. You can even use hashtags on LinkedIn for you to be able to reach and spread the love this Valentine’s Day!


If you do not have enough time to come up with special campaigns during this day, you may opt for a simple yet sincere greeting for your followers on Valentine’s Day. You can spark up your social media profiles by adding creative videos or posting a sweet image to post on that very special day.

A great way to loosen up a little and show the fun side of your business/brand is to celebrate special events and holidays on social media. Do you like planning your content calendar with the dates like #ValentinesDay? Let us help you. VIS Marketing team focuses on meeting your business objectives by providing 360° solutions, creating your marketing success blueprint through a discovery process, designing the right strategy and marketing channels, generating more quality leads, more sales and more opportunities in your marketplace.

Valentine’s Day is a special event. Your beloved customers expect special deals from you. It is the opportunity to have a great start of the year sales.

P.S Engage customers and drive customer loyalty – all with the right approach.

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