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Top 7 ideas for your 2017 Christmas & New Year Newsletter

The holiday season is soon approaching. It’s that time of year when people seem to buy more stuff. Businesses hit it big at this time. Don’t lose numerous opportunities presented for your business. During the holiday season, more emails and newsletters get clicked and acted upon than any other time of the year. So, take full advantage of the situation to boost sales for your business.

Gear up with great content and customer care to haul in the holiday earnings. You can get a big piece from this Christmas cake in terms of sales and profits. Plus this will help you generate more new quality leads and turn them into actual profitable conversions for future as well.

So, here are 7 great ideas on how to make your Christmas and New Year Newsletters great and click worthy.

1. Gift Guides

People tend to go for things that give them some sort of value. One of the best ideas for newsletter for Christmas & New Year is to send gift guides. Since many will be looking for gifts to present to their loved ones, a gift guide will come in handy. Most of the times people simply browse through the subject lines in their inbox, but when they see beautifully created list for shopping recommendations, they are more likely to click and follow through the mail.

2. Free Gifts

People love free stuff and that is the fact. You can either offer a free item on their purchase, or send them free samples saying that you want to make their day a good one. You can also provide them with first looks at your services, useful holiday tips and tricks from the pros, perfect for the season templates or an exclusive e-book.

3. Holiday hacks

Another way to increase your ‘open rate’ is to use holiday hacks on subject line and titles. For instance, placing ‘quick’, ‘trick’, ‘offer’, ‘free’, ‘discounts’ and ‘gift vouchers/coupons’ makes recipients curious and encourages them to click on the mail.

4. Customer Loyalty

Show your loyal customers appreciation. Offer them exclusive deals to make big savings on their purchases this holiday season.

5. Videos

People are more prone to click on mails with videos and get positive results. For video ideas, you can create them for Christmas and New Year using your staff, or your customer. You can also mix it up with using both sides to tell a feel good story about your business/products/services. These videos high chances of being opened compare to other normal newsletters or emails during this time of year.

6. Offer last minute deals

Many of us either become lazy or very busy during this time and tend to put off holiday shopping to last minute. It’s not just you and me, there is a large chunk of population who does this. So, offer a last minute deals to make them grab onto it making it worthwhile for both parties. Last minute sales boosts profits to a great extent.

7. Mobile-friendly

We don’t have to tell you how much online sales via mobile has increased in recent years. More and more people are opting to buy with a click of a mouse or just a tap on the phone. People are busier during this time of year, so they get most of their works and purchases done online using their phones. The holiday season is great time for businesses, don’t lose out on sales just because your website or newsletters are not mobile-friendly.
Not being able to see or read or open the newsletter on mobiles means a huge loss for your business, especially at this time of year. Hurry up and make your websites and all digital materials mobile-friendly as well as user-friendly.

In the end, don’t forget to be humorous and witty in your newsletter. People love online marketing when done cleverly and amusingly. Your customers may be feeling stressed with work overload or rush from having to travel a lot.

Make them smile & laugh. Make their day!

Hope these ideas, tips and tricks help you come up with brilliant newsletters for this Christmas and New Year.