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Top 3 Ways to Build Your Brand During the COVID-19

The buzzword in the business world today is “building a brand”. Before we move further, what comes in your mind when you think the word “brand”

 Is it just a logo or colour? Is it the tagline? Or Is it a trademark? 

Can’t deny that’s what most of us think at first, its true brands consist of all those factors. However, today branding is much more than just a cool logo or a well-placed advertisement. Businesses that are remembered for something more than just the things they sell are the ones that take the time to craft that story into something that their customers truly connect with. They become more than just a business; having a story makes them a brand.

As quoted by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, “Brand is all about what people say about you when you are not in the room.” Your brand plays a vital role in the message that is sent to your customers, potential customers and industry peers. 

The recent situation has uprooted the old ways of branding. For that reason, you must put extra care and attention into building the brand you want – a brand that represents your company, & your core values. To create that brand name you must have passion, a clear purpose and a plan. 

Here, we will share the top 3 ways you can implement right now to build your brand.

1. Speed

You might be wondering “Speed”, what does it have to do with the brand? 

Get ready to have your mind blown, as we will let you know how speed is so crucial to building your brand. Speed is a competitive advantage for any business, whether you are attracting a new client, converting or nurturing your client its necessary to have that speed. 

The way how consumers are consuming information today, customers behaviour and customer experience are changing. Remember the saying, “Dig your well before you are thirsty.” Plan for rapid deployment before you need it. Avoid setbacks because delays can impact the ongoing survival of the business. The name of the game is speed and it’s important to maintain that speed. 

Focus on 1-24-24 rule, what it means is while you are attracting or generating a new client be sure to respond to them within 1 hour after they approach you. Next is sending your clients your proposal and prospects in less than 24 hours and in less than 24 hours getting your new clients close to your business. Often so many businesses move in a very slow manner and spend so much time just drafting proposals, over proposals and delay everything. And by that time clients already lose their interest. Many businesses lose their clients due to lack of speed in this fast-moving generation. There are just many options available and it doesn’t take a second for clients to change their mind to choose some other business over yours. 

The main point here is when your business can provide the client with that speed, with what they want quickly they are more likely to trust you and your brand. Reliability is created along with credibility you’re providing to your clients. 

So, if you’re not delivering that speed right now, there are chances your business will be left behind. You must work on speed to attract and nurture new and existing clients. Speed is non- negotiable part of your business and to build your brand you have got to maintain it. 

2. Relevance

In a time of constant change and heightened customer experience, relevancy remains the KEY. The content that is being presented should be relevant to the context However, the greatest danger most brands are facing nowadays is the loss of brand relevance. 

In a situation like this, brands must reposition all together. Brands need to stand out, not just by being different, but by being both personally relevant and emotionally important to people right now. You must be aware that everything your brand builds & brings to the market should be designed to meet the needs of your target market. Keep in mind that your brand must create a holistic experience that is relevant to your target audience at every point especially during these changing times. 

This is also a perfect time for brand refreshment, for example, the images or videos which you had been using since a very long time might not be relevant to the current context. Perhaps the message your brand is delivering may not be working right now. Maybe it’s time to give it a look and add changes to it accordingly.  

While you’re rebranding make sure you keep digital in your mind. Your website’s motive is to make the customer’s life easier and not confuse them. When a customer is on your website make sure he/she experience clarity instead of confusion. When there is confusion customer tend to step back, as there are  just so many information and options available for customers today, they choose other providers over you. 

That’s why maintaining brand relevance means maintaining the trust and loyalty of your customers. Customers respect and remember brands that get with the times in terms of understanding what they want, reaching them in new and innovative ways and consistently delivering products and services that surpass their expectations.

Let us share what we ‘ve been doing for one of our legal clients, we’ve been running a Live cast for them, which is getting a massive hit. What we tried to do here was, we helped them connect to their clients, by adding value through these episodes. The idea here is to convert those clients but without really talking about it, just by adding value and giving their clients, it has helped them build a relationship and loyalty with their existing clients & new prospects. 

Therefore, brands that maintain long-term relevance are constantly moving forward, innovating, adapting, and disrupting, while making sure they stay true to the core of their brand. Also, we don’t know about the uncertainty going around. So, the idea for businesses is just to be on the game and to make sure that brand & relevancy is going hand on hand.

3. Personalisation

Isn’t it astounding that an average person roughly sees about 6000 -10,000 ads every single day?  

Clients and audience are overloaded with information. Every single second, they are bombarded through various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. 

Due to this overflow of information clients barely know whom to choose or who is right for them. Another main issue in the marketplace today is many claims to be an expert, but are they really  the experts they claim to be? 

 This is one of another reason which has puzzled the customers. You must realise that in this competitive world, you may already be sitting in the goldmine without even realising it. What it means here is you need to elevate it and personalise the right message to the right audience, through the right channel at the right time. Personalisation allows brands to become own able to their audience on an individual level.

Studies show that 86% of consumers say that personalisation has some impact on what they buy & one quarter admits that personalisation “significantly influences” their buying decision. 

Earlier, when we said about you sitting on a goldmine means database segmentation. What is database segmentation & how does it work? 

The first step is to segment the data you already have. Find out who is your existing, lapsed & inactive clients? Who would be a great time influential for you to refer you? 

Once you have this data figure out, your second step is to add value & target these clients through personalisation. Another great way is interest-based retargeting, which means understanding who your clients are & which platform they are from being it Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. Be sure to check what sort of interaction & experience you have had with them before. Once you get this idea, retarget them with the right message through the right platform at the right time. You can also call your clients to be close and connected in a more personal level by asking them if there is anything they need. Today it ‘more about serving than selling and letting your clients know you are there for them at any cost. 

The whole idea of personalisation is how you can offer your clients a unique experience, something that makes your clients realise that there wants & needs are understood & are taken care of. Once you begin to take personalisation as an asset and offer your clients with an experience your competitors cannot match, watch how your brand loyalty increase in the marketplace.

Keep in mind the world is not how it use to be anymore, and the one-size-fits-all solution no longer works! 

P.S – As the world is going digital, at VIS, we are pushing our boundaries to help our clients and alliances create their digital brand and monetise it.

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