The Trials Of Retail Business: Catching Up With The eCommerce Lead

The Trials Of Retail Business: Catching Up With The eCommerce Lead

Everyone felt it – we had all changed the way that we shopped, and funnily enough, it had changed everything. COVID cases climbed, as did the income of businesses that were positioned within their markets in already-distanced ways.

Shopping websites, ordering services, and retail businesses all set-up to go with eCommerce pages dominated their markets as we’d never seen before, even after their constant climb which we had been watching like hawks since we’d first entered the market.

We have always said that every retail business needs a strong eCommerce presence. We hope that, after these events, you understand that it is undeniable; COVID was our collective wake-up call.

It drove us years further into the great eCommerce climb in just one year, leaving even mega-companies scrambling to catch up and develop their own eCommerce platforms, such as H&M.

Everyone saw their local retail stores locking down and thought, sadly, “If only they had been online”. But many small businesses need help setting up a successful eCommerce website.

That is why a lot of empire-type eCommerce hosting platforms have burst onto the scene, operating under global-scale models that distance them from their own clients and leave their clients with disheartening transaction fees, long lists of templates that they must sift through and workaround only to be left with way too much design work and maintenance work to do after that is completed.


We are the long-term eCommerce development partners that you are missing. We are the ones who figure it all out for you. We are the eCommerce development company that is real enough to talk to you on the telephone and figure out what kind of eCommerce website your business actually needs, avoiding the feature bloat of the average global eCommerce development company that over-complicates your website.

You are not just a username and a password to us. You are, in fact, the most important member of our team. Our valued clients can talk to us, whenever they like, about the progress of their sites, the ones that our team build in-house, thinking about them all the time – humans actually concerning themselves with the launch and success of our clients’ personal sites, the opposite of impersonal, automatic algorithms.

This is a list of the many global eCommerce platforms that we also set up eCommerce pages on for your company.

  • Magento Wix WordPress
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Square Online
  • Weebly
  • Volusion
  • GoDaddy

While your personal eCommerce website will net you the most profits, your profiles with companies such as Magneto Web Development will hit all of the eCommerce niches which draw unique audiences and demographics.

Once your all-encompassing eCommerce trading is online, we also continue to track its success. Any individual eCommerce web platform would leave you to fend for yourself from there, content with collecting from your subscription.

With VIS, our marketing and web marketing division are at your fingertips;  we support you week-by-week. We are trained to evolve and upgrade your eCommerce trading and its online presence as time goes on. VIS is there for you every step of the way. We do this together. Contact us or enjoy your first phone call with our eCommerce experts – 1300 777 847.