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Productivity with the focus on everyday technology

With the world in our fingertip, many of us are probably caught in the FOMO cycle these days and are rushing things without even thinking about what it may bring to our life or business. Before we move ahead it’s important, we understand the answers to the following:

  • Why productivity with a focus on everyday technology is important right now?
  • Using technology to multiply your time or just to tick boxes? 
  • Is excessive technology wearing you down when it should be enhancing your productivity?

One thing everyone is experiencing right now is we are overloaded & overwhelmed with everything happening around us. During this time of uncertainty, we’re all seeking for certainty. But when we don’t get what we’re searching for, the best thing to do is creating your own certainty.

On Episode 5 of The Digital Perspectives, we had the Global Productivity Speaker and Trainer – Donna Hanson with us. She is one of only five people outside the US certified to train Microsoft’s own staff in a process to manage technology for increased efficiency. 

Donna is passionate about helping businesses and their teams get off technology and back to doing things that matter. She shared some great ideas on how to increase productivity with everyday technology.

You have probably caught yourself doing this lately, rushing to download different applications, install software or sign up to certain sites without having proper knowledge & digging into it without even thinking what outcome it may bring. 

Between all this, it’s more than ever important to understand that we have the capability to take control of which technology we’re investing our time and money in.

Today, it’s so easy to get carried away and purchase software, programs or download applications just because everybody is else is doing it. We should understand that just because it is benefiting somebody’s business doesn’t mean it’s the same with us. There are chances it might bring either positive or negative results. Thus, it is advised to be mindful before diving into something just because everyone is on it. 

Top three tips to reboot your productivity.

1. Strip out the unnecessary

Choosing to remove unnecessary things could be confusing at first looking at the good outcomes it is bringing in other people’s lives or business. However, we should realise that certain things are not meant for everyone’s business or life. There are many things we humans hang on to simply because somebody we know have received great benefit and we expect the same thing to happen to us. But we need to get out of this thought bubble and take this as one great opportunity to strip away the unnecessary things. For example – If you’re in business, maybe all social media application that is rising right now may not work for your business. So, you simply just choose to use the ones that are helping out for your business.  

The idea here is to get rid of anything that is not bringing the result you are expecting. Rather than wasting time and energy on, business professionals should focus on what’s working out & forget the rest and watch how doing it your business grows. 

2. KISS principle

You’ve probably heard about the KISS principle before, but if you haven’t, don’t get excited ?. KISS here simply means “Keeping it super simple”. 

It nothing new, when we say that we often make thing complicated & complex in business or in life. Many business professionals are jumping over hurdles and creating barriers to their success and increasing risk for their business by making things more complicated than they are.

To avoid it what we can do is having a second set of eyes or someone to look at it. The beauty of this process is when someone else is looking, they perceive it differently and point out the thing we can’t see. For example: If you are working with a certain client, they probably know their marketing or website is on point but when you as a second person look at it there’s a blinding flash of things that are obvious to you. You would know exactly the things that are slowing down the process and not speeding up. You could easily point it out and solve the client’s problem.

It’s smart to keep in mind that simple is better, confused minds don’t buy” & confused mind gets no work done either too. Thus, keeping it super simply goes a long way. 

3. Share and support

The third point is relevant regardless whether you work in a business where you have a team or whether you’re connected with other entrepreneurs or business owners and that is share and support. 

Share and support mean, when you have experienced a way or condition that has not added value in your business, you share with somebody who is going through the same process and let them stay aware of it. Sharing what you have learnt, helping and supporting other people as they move through their challenges of being overwhelmed, overloaded and uncertain is a great way to add value in this current time. Providing our clients or fellow business partners, alliances with a positive approach is what we should be doing more than often. 

Technology is meant to make our life easy and not complex. Rather than sharing negativity through this platform, let’s make the best use of it by being collaborative about sharing ideas, insights to colleagues or business partners.  

Another interesting advice Donna highlighted in this episode to avoid feeling overloaded & overwhelmed right now was the “Get” philosophy. 

“Get” isn’t an acronym, it simply means getting ideas, conflicting demands and all unnecessary thing that has no possible outcome or meaning out of your mind. Keeping your mind free from these thoughts and making space for other beneficial and deep things like working on building your KPI, achieving your sales or supporting your customers. Thinking of things that gives value and output. Only giving thoughts to things that matter.

Getting things out of your head is one thing but along with it talking about it to other people is also a great way overcoming these overloads. If you’re working in an organisation, talk to your team about the things that are overwhelming you. Doing this will not only relieve stress & burden but also could solve it. 

And like the quote says, “Alone we can do so little, together we could do so much” don’t let your brain alone do the thinking, do not hesitate to ask for support & help to your team.

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