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Only Four Actions required to Refresh Your Blog

You have created an absolutely incredible content for your blogging usage and have carefully marketed it but have you neglected to frequently action change and check its health?

Some blogs become packed with useless information and inbound links, or maybe relying too much on out-of-date web templates or perhaps a WordPress set up which wasn’t updated. All of these may retard the likelihood of being found on the World-wide-web.

Below are four basic actions that can help flip a dusty blog to enhance conversion rates and SEO:

1.    Redirecting old permalinks

There is probably a good chancethat you have dead links in your blogs if you’ve been blogging for awhile or you’ve switched blogging systems, moved blog posts or have re-adjusted your permalink structure. Basically, your blogs will have two kinds of associated links.   One link will be to the old blog posts on your own site and other link is to the old blog posts from external sites.

The links linked to your own old posts content can be easily sorted but the links from external sites are more problematic to solve. Because these links can help your site gain direct referral traffic which is an advantage the SEO may be wasted with your dead links. That is why redirecting them to correct postings is essential.

You can perform a check on your blogs via the Google Webmaster Tools and correct any dead links. This can be done in the “Health” portion after you login to your Webmaster account. Inside it there is a “Crawl Errors” portion. In the URL Errors section click on the Not Found section.

Webmaster Tools will provide a list of all dead links on your site. The example above shows 829 dead inbound links. Outside blogs and sites are linking up with the old content that you no longer have, and you’re missing out on search engine benefits.

Click on the problematic links to see who is linking to you.

2.    Make a plan for your Sidebar and Footer

It’s easier to add things to a blog that to remove them. You can easily add links, badges, widgets and your favorite social networks etc. You can create a blog with a focus on conversion. For this simply make a sidebar or footer which is fully packed causing the user to be distracted. It’s good that you are directing them to your Facebook or Twitter account but most probably they won’t return to your blog.

Before making any decisions on what to add or remove on your sidebar; it’s important to have a clear plan. You should be able to detect whether users are coming back to your. One way to make it easier is to make a plan through Google Analytics.

In the “Content” section of your Google Analytics dashboard, select “In Page Analytics.” You’ll be able to see where people are clicking on your page and you can monitor any significant activity.

3.    Make Sure All Posts Have an Image

As we know “A picture speaks a thousand words”, images are very important to your reader. They help by providing a visual break and make the post easier to read and understand with an eagerness to click further. If you use WordPress for blogging, ensure that an image is featured on every blog post linked to the blog post’s URL.

While focusing SEO, have a useful image title, and always include alt tags for images that are relevant to the keywords for your post. Select an appropriate size for your image as page load time is another factor affecting SEO.

4.    Update your blog with new designs

To keep your blog fresh and appealing, update the design every few months. This gives the feeling of having new content. This will help to drive more sidebars and CTA banner clicks from long-time readers who have seen it before.

After writing blogs for your website, check regularly for updating and removing dead links. Keeping your blog in shape is more than just writing content regularly. So, keep your eyes wide open to kick out the negativity on your blog.

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