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Now you can stay away from top 5 wrong Social Media Advices

Don’t you get confused with all the social media buzz and their relative dos and don’ts. At times it is seriously annoying trying to follow and listening to live up to the standard.  What to do and what not is not a question of action, but for big companies and corporate it’s an image of status and power.

Here are some of the tips that will help you survive:

Being happy with the quantity of fans you have:

Have you got a huge fan following on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social media? And you are happy that you got such a huge number? Are they bringing value to your business? If no then what are you so proud of?

Rather than having large numbers of Fans, focus your attention on quality social media followers who are your right target and are willing to buy your products. Remember! It’s always better to have a smaller but yet responsive list of clients rather than masses of uninterested people.

Being on every piece of Social Media:

It’s a wrong concept that your visibility in different social media channel will increase your  ROI. Do not be a “Jack of all trades and master of none”! Instead… spend a bit more time researching and focus on Social Media which are most likely to reach your target audience.

Not sure where to start? LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are safe platforms. They have a large number of audiences (many of them are your potential customers) that covers many demographics and various industries.

Posting X times a day on a regular basis:

Many people have the illusion that posting several times a day is very effective to increase visibility of their business. However, several studies have shown that there are days and best times to post on these websites. For example, Monday and Tuesday are the worst time to post on Facebook whereas Saturday and Sunday are the best time. Make a smart decision which is much more effective rather than posting regularly on these media. For more detail visit our previous blog post

Updating automatically:

Entrepreneurs undoubtedly have a busy life and they think one of the ways out to stay connected in social media is to use automatic updates. This in fact is a wrong concept because if you do not have enough time to think and post your update then when anyone makes a comment on your post then you’ll definitely not respond to it as well. As a result, your impression goes down and your followers will be disappointed as well. Moreover, updating about your own products and services is definitely a very bad practice and ultimately people will consider it as spam. That is why you must be careful and if possible, separate certain time for your social media. Take time to thank your followers and fans who have given you feed backs. Build a true and natural relationship with your fans rather than an automated one.

Not getting personal on social media:

This is the point in which many people are mistaken. It’s actually a misconception that you should be professional on social media. Actually, you should be a real person because people love to see the real you rather than the professional you. So be a little more fun and engage with your reality with your customers and fans. As an entrepreneur, you should not be afraid of taking risk. Go ahead and step out of your comfort zone. You’ll surely stand out and make your customers happy.
Crux is if you want to increase your ROI then avoid the above listed bad advices. Take out some time from your busy schedule and dedicate it in your social media. Most of all, you should know yourself what is important and what works for you and your business. Be a smart player and the game is in your hand!