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Lost & Found

LOFO is the first centralised global platform to connect millions of items & animals that have been lost or found. Lost your treasured item or found something of value then you need LOFO. THE WORLDS FIRST GLOBAL PLATFORM FOR LOST AND FOUND ITEMS, LOFO.

About Project

LOFO introduces its new innovative, global APP for lost and found items. All you do is upload details about your lost item and you’re on the road to finding it. Alternatively, if you find something and want to do the right thing, it’s easy, just upload details, a photo and the location and you’re on your way to reuniting the item with the ‘loser’. LOFO will notify you of found items that match the description of your lost item; and losers can post information about their lost item and pinpoint on a map the actual geographic location of the item that was lost.



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    Scott Boocock

    CEO - LOFO

    “The LOFO App is exactly what we expected – to connect losers and finders. VIS transformed our dream into reality by developing this centralised platform globally.”