LinkedIn Ads Vs. Google Ads: Which One Works better right now?

LinkedIn Ads Vs. Google Ads: Which One Works better right now?

Given the current economic scenario, it is perfectly sensible for businesses to review their advertising budget.

“Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads – where should I invest to generate more leads right now?”

This is the most common dilemma these days when it comes to paid ads.

Most businesses may be weighing the benefits of two or more advertising platforms — and Google Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads is a common comparison. One of the most asked questions we receive from clients with tight budgets is, “Which advertising platform should we use?”  

A common phrase we hear from them is: “Everyone searches on Google; I think we should invest there”. But what we must understand is, that it may be true that one platform could have more users than another. But that doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to target your proper audience correctly.

To illustrate this point, we can use a B2B Company offering services to a reduced and specific number of companies. Would a keyword be targeting (Google Ads) work for a business like this one? We would say that it wouldn’t, at least not by itself.

How can we target other businesses and convert them afterwards?

One of the ways we can do this is by combining LinkedIn Ads with Google Ads (you can & should combine different platforms depending on your needs). Since we would need to target the decision-makers of specific companies, we are going to need a platform that allows that type of targeting.

A typical Digital Marketing strategy for the case scenario above would go like this:

  1. Understand your buyer persona
    At this stage, you should understand who is the person that will buy your product or service, where they work and what job title they have.
  1. Find which platform
    Here we should think where our buyer persona spends time online and how they research for providers. We can probably agree that almost everyone uses Google to search for products or services. But are we able to target our expected audience only with Google?
    Here is where LinkedIn Ads would play its part. With LinkedIn we can use the information we gathered in the first step, and start targeting people by their Job Titles, Location and Company they work in.
  1. Create our Digital Marketing Campaigns
    Now that we have all the information we need, we can start creating our campaigns, mixing and matching different platforms. We can create a Promoted Post in LinkedIn, using the targeting options mentioned above.

Now we will have people interested in our services to visit our website, and we can create a Remarketing campaign in Google Ads to further convert them.

As we said before, there isn’t an ideal platform for you and your business.

To make the most out of your Digital Marketing Strategy, you should use and combine different platforms to reach that ideal audience.

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