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An introduction, a greeting, an opportunity. They all open doors for your business. We drive your business to potential customers through both online and offline lead generation methods which are statistically sure-fire.

What makes us great lead generators is that we keep you on the same page as our expert team. Week-by-week, you will receive statistic insights regarding the progress of your business as it meets people through countless open doors.

We’ll now tell you how you will connect.


Search engine
optimisation - SEO

You’ll miss out on many opportunities if people Googling for your services do not find you. We hone in on the magic words that will plant your domain to the top of Google search results for no cost from Google. Without those magic key words on your website, you will be missed.


Google Ads.

The easiest way to generate income is by using Google ads. We’ll launch your Google Ads campaign and bring you more income fast… but we are not satisfied with that alone. We crave monthly improvement in all Google ad campaigns, analyzing them and actively improving them week-by-week.

Google Adwords Melbourne

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: an unpredictable and crowd-driven force that requires creativity, street smarts and popularity in order to generate the most golden of leads: subscriptions. We write entertaining and funny social media posts, watching the response like hawks, committed to creating you a living social media presence across Facebook, Instagram and more


LinkedIn Lead
Generation Campaign

LinkedIn is where every profile can be taken seriously. LinkedIn features professionals seeking professionals. Your brand will presented in a 100% respectable light simply by being present on LinkedIn. From our extensive, long-term Linked In campaign, you will be approached by professionals and businesses who show no nonsense.


Email Marketing

Most lead generators bother potential clients with irrelevant and pushy emails. Our email marketing team is more sensitive to social customs, sending leads better email-content that sparks curiosity.


Offline Marketing

We don’t believe in putting all your investment in one “online marketing basket”. We help make your brand’s presence felt by your target audience through offline branding including business cards, marketing brochures, booklets, vouchers, flyers, banners, and letterbox distribution

Referral Marketing

We understand that all it takes is the right kind of nudge and your clients will spread the word of your service to others around them. You likely have a userbase that can already generate you leads but you are not taking advantage of it – we know how to make them be less quiet.

Focused Campaigns

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all campaigns. Every business requires a lead generation campaign that targets the specific niches that are most relevant. Example: a common need of healthcare professional is help with converting once-off patients into returning patients, something which requires

You have generated awesome leads for your sales team. Now what???

One of our primary responsibilities as marketers is to generate qualified leads for our sales team. BUT, our job doesn’t stop immediately right after we get the leads right at the doorstep.

Just because someone subscribed to your blog, video channel or just because someone downloaded your ebook, or perhaps has filled out the inquiry form, that doesn’t mean they are ready to close the deal. In a research it was found that 50% of leads are qualified, but they are not ready to buy yet.

Lead generation is undoubtedly important. However, it’s not the end of the sales process. Generating quality leads has value only if you are able to go through the further steps.

First is lead generation, then conversion where you convert them into clients. Then comes nurturing where you keep on adding value and look out for opportunities to go higher, wider and deeper in the sales cycle.

Lead Conversion:

Most of the time lead conversion starts with Content Marketing.

According to Forbes, 93% of B2B companies say content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies. It also generates 3 times more leads compared to the traditional outbound marketing costs 62% less.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online materials. It is the process of curating and creating informative, relevant and valuable content.

It may be in the form of blog posts, infographics and videos that attracts, engages, and keep your audience informed. Develop strong landing pages. Keep your blog content updated with informative content. Another channel where you can do content marketing is via Social media. Every social media channel or network is an outlet for lead conversion of your branded content.

Potential buyers are already searching the web to find the answers to their questions and to come up with solutions for their problems that brands are uniquely positioned to provide. Content marketing welcomes them every stage of their journey, and helping them move through the funnel.

Now that you have your leads what can you do to increase the likelihood of turning these leads into sales? You can do this by nurturing your leads.


Lead Nurturing is where you develop a relationship with your leads.This part is where trust is built with potential buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and all throughout the buyer’s journey.

It is about maintaining your ongoing and even potential clients and delighting them. Their concern becomes your top priority. You keep on working to generate quality outcomes, positive ROI and help your clients in maximising their investment. You should always keep adding value to their business. But at the same time “Hunting while delivering” – keep looking for any opportunity where you can go higher, wider and deeper.

Qualified leads will continue to be nurtured or will stay at the lead nurturing stage until they are sales-ready. Once a lead is determined to be sales-ready, it will move onto the next stage and will be passed onto the sales team where the transaction will take place. You must be able to close the deal. You must be able to cut through the noise and make your unique offers heard.

You need to build trust and credibility so that your leads are assured that you are the right fit for their needs.

Once you’ve closed the deal, the process doesn’t end there. YES! You heard it right, once you’ve closed the deal, it is not yet the end of the process. You need to nurture them.

As mentioned above “Nurturing” is the stage where relationship and trust are developed at every stage of the sales funnel, and through every step of the buyer’s journey.

Always provide value to your customers. Ensure that they’ll achieve positive ROI. Also, don’t limit yourself to a single transaction.

While serving, always look out for opportunities to go HIGHERWIDER and DEEPER.

These stages works together in turning leads into customers that can then generate consistent sales for your company.

At VIS, we have trusted sales and marketing strategists to guide you in creating and converting new sales opportunities into lifetime clients. They are dedicated in generating quality leads consistently for your business, our team will work with you in increasing the conversion rate and in nurturing the existing ones.

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