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Lead Generation and Marketing Trends for 2021

It’s no surprise that the devasting repercussions of Covid19 has reaped havoc on our world economy. Escalating unemployment, fear of contamination, limits on vital supplies and raw materials as well as lockdown has created unprecedented stress on humanity across the globe. Sadly, mental health issues are taking its toll with obvious spikes in depression as people struggle to deal with the pandemic and adapting to new ways of remote socialising and working. In response to the pandemic, rebuilding our economic security is key to getting businesses back on its feet, strengthening employment, and restoring consumer confidence and spending. Right now, we have to shift our focus beyond the doom and gloom of the pandemic towards a brighter future. Believe it or not, experiencing such devastation has given us the chance to bounce back even stronger as we re-evaluate traditional ‘safe ways’ of doing business. As uncomfortable as it may be, we’re forced to re-think strategies as we re-connect and re-engage to build more flexibility in an agile market.

Face to face retail sales pitches and conferences are becoming a thing of the past. A strong, competitive online presence is vital now more than ever to stay afloat. At VIS, we know what the top companies are doing right now to drive business growth and get ahead of the game. As a full service digital marketing agency in Australia, we are passionate about lead generation and helping our clients put their best foot forward by implementing powerful strategies including eCommerce website design, video streaming services and google ads management. Below are some handy tips to consider when targeting B2B and B2C prospective clients and for your business bounce back even stronger!

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an obvious, but crucial B2B lead generation management tool. Connecting with potential clients and using demographic data to deliver marketing content while waiting for conversions is just the tip of the iceberg. Using advanced tools such as Matched Audiences is a great way to deliver targeted content and convert leads. VIS is a leading LinkedIn marketing services company highly experienced in optimising opportunities to take your B2B business to the next level

2. E-Commerce is king!

An eye-catching website with engaging copy just won’t cut it anymore. E-Commerce is crucial. Fear of contracting Covid19 and mandates on social distancing has seen a huge spike in consumers flocking to online stores to from anywhere, any time. Popular fashion store H&M has recently launched an online store in Australia to keep in line with the competition and changes in consumer buying behaviour. At VIS, we have been building ecommerce websites and integrations for our clients using different platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and others.

3. Get the cameras rolling!

Did you know Google’s algorithms favour video? Why? Because consumers find it more interesting and are likely to engage with it. What’s more, featuring videography makes your website 50 times more likely to achieve organic growth compared to plain text. Now that’s a big plus!

Savvy sales teams are now using video instead of email. Most of us learn visually and prefer to watch than read, so what better way to cut through the clutter than with a message that is visually attractive to grab the attention of prospective customers. See how we can help with
professional video streaming to expand your influence and create an impact.

4. Google advertising. Timing is everything!

Controlling 90% of the global market, Google is by far the search engine of choice when making decisions about what to buy, where to go and what to do. As more and more people turn to online purchasing, Google ads allow your brand to appear when looking for a similar product or service increasing the likelihood of a sale. To create maximum leads with your limited and optimised budget, click here.

Social Media Advertising

ovid19 restrictions means people need to find new ways of interacting for business and pleasure and we’re becoming even more engaged in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay connected. These platforms are becoming more and more sophisticated to help deliver your message to your desired audience. VIS is a renowned social media agency incorporating targeted and effective strategies to get your business noticed.

6. SMS Campaigns

Mobile phones are the most frequently used device today. From making and confirming appointments to ordering food, it’s hard to image life without this convenient technology! The rise of remote working means an even greater reliance on the mobile phone to keep in touch with prospective customers using the popular opt-in function to encourage sales. SMS Marketing is undoubtedly the best way to reach maximum audience with minimal budget with a clear and concise message and strong call-to-action.

Cut through is key when delivering content in such a cluttered online market. Thoroughly research your target audience and behaviours on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get to know what truly resonates with them. Pulling at their heart strings by delivering targeted content with clear lifestyle benefits relating to your product or service is what will deliver likes and shares!

Content in the form of blogs, social media posts and videos continue to grow in popularity as they can efficiently deliver valuable information via targeted, searched optimised strategies that align with consumer behaviour. Story focused campaigns is the latest content trend whereby an emotive story is aligned to a product or service and delivered over a period of time via mediums such as videos, website pages and emails, similar to watching your favourite television show. Interactive content incorporated in your website such as 360 – degree videos, quizzes and polls are great ways to capture the attention and engagement of your audience.

8. Campaign Analytics

Analytical software such as Google Analytics is a powerful tool to evaluate campaign success as well as highlighting areas for improvement. The use of tracking pixels is also a great way to monitor interaction with your content and how to target ‘warm’ consumers in the future in order to keep ahead of the competition.

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