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Inconsistent SEO and the new trend

As Search engine optimiser, we all know that we cannot depend on one trend as we all are hit and shattered Google’s warriors, Penguin and Panda. Now stuffing keywords and link spamming does not seem to work in way, we want it to be.  In such a case, we have to accept that SEO is no more text base; it is media base.

Google is trying its best to give convenient search results with high quality content.  Thus Google is tracking down the number of visitors that have re- visited your sites and the time duration of their stay. Google is also considering social indicators such as facebook likes, Google+ shares and tweets as one of important factors to conclude as quality sites.

But things do not stop here, Google depends on hundreds of factors to decide whether your sites deserve to park itself in Google’s first page or not.

As facebook, twitter, Google+ and youtube have been already a popular social media for Search Engine optimisation; recently Instagram has also entered into this fame game.

I noticed instagram for the first time at my facebook home page when one of my friends shared his pictures through it. I thought it was one of the applications for facebook users and give no attention to it.  Later on, it started to become a viral, after week or so everybody was using it.

So what’s so great about Instagram?

Instagram is a smartphone application that allows its users to snap photos and edit them with artistic feature and upload them to facebook, twitter, foursquare and other social media.  And the story does not end here, Instagram is one of the largest growing social media network with more than two million users increasing each month. Many people are already using instagram as their marketing tool to promote their personal brand and business.

Pictures and images have always been a very useful tool for marketing and advertising as human minds are more perceivable with their eyes rather than with their ears. So use them as for your benefits, post your pictures on instagram which are relevant to your brand, add promotional photos and spread the message about your products and brand across the world. You can also use keywords and hashtags on photos, title and in caption to boost up your internet marketing approach.  So next time, don’t forget to put instagram when you are considering using social media to get more traffic to your website to increase your page rank.
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