How to Write SEO Content in 2013

How to Write SEO Content in 2013

In 2011, Google made it loud and clear that content made up a huge chunk of their ranking algorithm. In 2012, Google accented that with a slap to the face for those who were ignoring the warning set by Panda.

2013 will be different for search – a new year always is. But as a not-so-sneaking suspicion that content is still going to be the name of the game.

However, there will be a bit of a difference. 2013 is going to be all about connections. What can you connect together with your content? Who can you connect with through your content?

This article is about how you can write content in 2013 that will help you rank AND make valuable connections that’ll take your business to the next level.

Write “Social” Headlines

The web is more connected now than ever, thanks to social media. A few years ago, “going viral” was something very few businesses or individuals could accomplish. However, now it’s become much easier! But many business owners don’t realize this, so they don’t write content that could potentially go viral.

The best way to get a lot of traffic through social media is to write social headlines. Always keep this in mind: people are on social media for interesting, unique, entertaining content. They don’t want to read something they’ve read before. They want to read something that gives them that “A HA!” moment.

If you can provide this in your content, then allude to that through the headline, you’ll find yourself getting more traffic than ever before!

On the Question of Length

Content length has been debated for quite some time. Should content be longer or shorter? Well, evidence has shown that the longer the content, the more likely Google is to rank it on the first page.

In fact, in the majority of niches, websites ranking on the first page of Google all had 2000+ words on their homepages.

Why is this? Well, in general, people like having more than enough content. And it’s not just Google that says people like longer content – people actually link more to longer content too!

Now, this doesn’t mean you should go off and write 2000 words just for the hell of it. No, you need to be providing value with each of those words. This is not about fluff. People don’t like length for the sake of length. They like length because in generally, the longer an article is, the more value it contains!

Internal and External Links

Within your content, make sure to highlight specific phrases and link them to relevant articles on your site.

This is fantastic for spreading the authority of your website to other pages, and also works wonders for the user experience. And as we know, Google loves sites that feature a great user experience!

But don’t just link to pages on your own site. Be generous with your links! Link to people who’ve posted interesting content. By doing this, you’re giving your readers additional insight on a topic you’re talking about, and you also increase the chance that the person you linked to will notice you.

This is a fantastic way to make a connection with someone of influence in your market. Send them a link every now and again (whenever it’s relevant). They’re likely keeping track of their incoming links, so if they see you linking to them, they may check your site out. If they like it, who knows where that relationship could go!

Keywords Still Matter… But Be Careful!

On the subject of keywords: yes, they still matter. You should still be doing keyword research and including both keywords and LSI phrases into your content.

However, keep the densities low! Google’s spiders are clever suckers… they know what a page is talking about, even if you don’t spam keywords all over.

In general, keep keywords to about 2%. Unless having more is natural – remember, natural is king!

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