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How to build a conversation that converts in the digital world.

We’re all aware that the world has evolved rapidly in the last few months, and it will continue to change and progress in the coming days as well. Due to the COVID-19 chaos around, many businesses are losing customers and has been left alarmed & confused with one big question! 

What should business owners be doing right now to get more clients? 

Before the pandemic, there was already a lot of discussion on the implications of technology for the future of business. The message was clear: the future of business is not pre-determined; it is up to us to shape it and no doubts that this challenging time has proved it right! 

As the world has moved forward to something different by the day, one thing all business owners should be aware of is about making conversations that build trust and confidence that helps convert leads into clients.

In this session, I & Gary Edwards – Communication & Negotiation Expert, discuss the 2 major challenges that businesses are facing right now: 

  • Clients have backed away from buying due to Cost Vs. Need 
  • Ability to connect with clients and sell products/services 
  1. Clients have backed away from buying due to Cost Vs. Need:

No doubt, that this unprecedented time has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and clients spending is no exception. Before all this happened, clients and business owners had a clear picture. They would catch up, connect and business owners had the clarity of clients need. Recently clients have moved away due to the uncertainty that’s happening. They are not sure if it’s best to invest right now on a certain product or services. If it’s worth it or if they can afford it at this moment. The economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have led the client increasingly less inclined to spend more. It has also drastically altered how and where clients choose to spend their finance on. 

  • Ability to connect with clients and sell products/services: 

As clients grapple with uncertainty, we as business owners also have been uncertain about the ability to do something about it. Providing services and product is not the same as it used to be as we have been moving on a digital side. Can’t deny that we’re now slowly able to connect & offer the same services. But it’s likely to be sure that in coming days we move more and more digital, and gradually get used to it. Business owners need to realise by now that the way they used to connect and have a conversation with their prospects and clients will be different now. Everyone must adjust to this new digitalised world more than ever and reconnect with clients and have the right conversation. 

Despite these challenges, we still have an opportunity, we see a glimmer of increasing optimism levels. We have the same services and products to deliver, we all have a marketing strategy to win more businesses. The opportunity in this situation is that we can take those products and services digitally. Rebuilding clients experience by appealing to changing values could result in a profitable, and perhaps much-needed revival.

To mitigates these challenges, right now it is imperative to move the same offers digitally to meet the needs of the same group of clients.

During these uncertain times, every business is looking to find the best product and service at the lowest price. Delivering through digital means will not just help you generate more business but also allow you to charge a price that you and your clients are comfortable with. 

We’ve survived the storm – it’s time to get new customers and build your business.

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