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How to become the Trusted Advisor and Influencer for your clients?

Being a Trusted Advisor during this amidst of pandemic requires more than just having others listen, it requires others to put their complete trust in you.  

Today the answer to the question, Can I trust you? tend to revolve differently than how it used to be, particularly as we move more digitally. And with this new normal we’re adapting to comes with some difficult questions like. 

  • How to build trust between the provider and the client?
  • Our ability to get business and good price requires trusted conversation. 
  • When we are trying to sell products or services, clients are asking more than ever: Can I trust you?

We’re all well-known with the fact that now, everyone is being digitally active than ever before. Also, there are too many opportunities available at a fingertip. Similar businesses are targeting the same person through the same channel with the similar nature of services and products. So, this gives your prospect a much broader range of choices to think about including quality and price. 

This has created a dilemma in whom to trust and from whom to buy.

Previously, it used to be mostly face-to-face deals where trust depended upon who you are as a person. But now, it has changed to 4 other ways to be trustworthy and likable. We must think of these four dimensions to find a way to get people to trust us. The 4P’s are:  

  1. Problem – We must be able to present to a client or a prospective client, an understanding or a definition of the problem that we say that they are facing. If we’re able to identify and define the problem in a way that they like, then clients and prospects put their trust on us. So, we must provide clarity to the client’s confusion “Do I trust your definition of my problem? To win their trust. We must be able to demonstrate to them the problems they are facing right now and perhaps even the problems that they were not previously aware of.
  2. Proposal – The proposal must be something that goes, right with a problem. The problem, you defined should match with the proposal. After the problem is identified, the potential client sees if you present a proposal that agrees to their needs and budget, that solves the problem.
  3. Process – The potential client must be aware of how the experience working with a trusted advisor will be delivered. It has taken much attention right now as the world has sharply shifted to a contactless delivery system. It must be something that the prospect is comfortable and feels safe.  
  4. Pay off – With the growing recession fear, people are concerned more than ever on where they spend and on “What’s in it for me?” “What is the benefit?” “What are the outcomes going to be like?” Right now, people want the exact result, if not more than what they had expected. Due to the uncertain environment, they want something that they can benefit from right now, not something that’ll pay off in the future.

These whole four experiences must be right for the client to see your business as the preferred choice. You have to be seen as ‘The Trusted Provider’. 

The ability to get business and to get it at a good price requires us to have a different sort of conversation with our client. The trusted conversation is the key.  

Now, digitally, it’s much harder to make that personal connection, so we must make sure instead, that we get all four of these dimensions right. 

As we start moving forward cautiously, but optimistically, during these uncertain times we must remember that clients are looking to find the best product and service at the lowest price. 

Their operating world has changed, and so does our ability to provide product and services. Now more than ever our clients are likely to ask questions, seek guidance, and desire valuable help from us as their trusted advisor. 

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