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How do you know if your website been hit by Google Penguin update ?

Google frequently changing search algorithm and punishes duplicate content, and removes bad techniques with respect to the construction of irrelevant links, all to your website with better rankings in Google searches.

If you do not follow the latest Google SEO News and Updates as “Penguin“, you could lose your website ranking in search engines like Google. The idea behind the creation of the Google algorithm Penguin is reflected in the more prosperous site with unique content. For optimal performance, which is not based on false Web positioning and technique, professional SEO services for SEO link building that is not spam SEO tricks and techniques are constantly used in accordance with the following rules for Google.

SEO technique to build links by Penguin update algorithms, and still maintains a positive effect on the positioning of the website in the exam is part of the old Google SEO rules:

Article Submission: Article Submission is a good way to market and create back links to your website. Article Submission is now increasingly rare way connections that Google has found many article directories and defines it as spam support. We have some good article directories where you can submit your articles written, and one of the best article directories is simply that if you read my article. But the same rule applies as before, good articles to write, build a good and unique product.

Back links from forum profiles forums are great places where you can post links. On most forums, we have a text field, a field that is in your profile and the current profile online signature. This is a good place where you can write a short text and a link pointing back to your website.
Comments on blogs you can leave comments on blogs and can put their own personal opinion. In addition to the attitudes and opinions that can be placed on blogs, you can link to your site, which further leads visitors to your blog site. You have blogs with a theme that fits your niche to find, and you have to check the blogs to follow or not follow back links.

You have blogs that have followed the link to get the right effect with Google.

How do you know if you follow or not?

If you know HTML code that will not be hard to find, but the comment of a link and you can select the source view, it will be displayed. If you do not know HTML, you need some SEO tools to use to show that the connection will not return a result. You must be aware of feedback parameters. To delete a comment, you must be sure that your comments have the same theme as in the article, so it takes a little time to read the article and understand the contents. Avoid short comments like this: “This is a nice article” moderator will not allow comments like this to publish.

If you do not follow Google Updates and your website is a hit with the new Penguin Updates to follow back links and find some of the techniques of link building that Google now punishes.

What should be avoided?

Dangerous sites that have a lot of advertising in the content of the sites have already been punished or penalized by Google. Hazardous sites that violence, or spam promoting, and pornography is not good to make connections. Google checks the place where he directs users.

Paid back-links all the back links that you pay for ads on other websites to promote your website and focus on specific keywords should be abolished. Google believes that any power of paid advertising is bad for the organic search results.

Blog comment spam blog comments with a low Page Rank without a filter to delete spam comments will not help your site rank better in Google searches. New Google punishes Penguin update blogs that have great content and many anchor text. Every blog, every web page that is not filtering the types of spam comments, so if you post a link to your website acts as spam

Just remember that the key to surviving any update Google throws at you is to make sure your site promotes high-quality, relevant, and extremely useful content; maintains natural link-building practices; and keeps informed of all timely developments in the Search Engine Optimization industry.

In other words, stay on top of things!


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