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Google Map: A new way to see and feel the world

Google’s last updated its map in May 2013 but after a year it’s being updated again and it offers the user a friendlier and easier navigation feature. The new version highlights some of the exclusive features like full-screen, live view, cartography, sharper images, Street View thumbnail etc.
To be precise it is more accurate and customised than ever before. Below are some new features, introduced to the new Google Map in detail:

• A new look

Previously, the map used two-thirds of the screen for map imagery and the other third to display information, but the latest version has a complete new look that encircles the entire web page.

• 3D view

Along with the normal map, earth and satellite imagery, a very new 3D view makes you feel that things are more natural and real. You can fly over mountains and have a sneak peek of likely travel experiences that you are planning for.There’s also a new carousel at the bottom of the map that makes images easy to access and you can explore the world as quickly as a click.

• Advanced search

The new mapping system has made things easier with its advanced search option you can just type a keyword and suggestions appear. For example, while typing coffee, it will bring up all the nearby places and display reviews of the place.

• More interactive
The map is more interactive than before. Now you can click anywhere on the map and your cursor will land you on the street view thumbnail.

• Traffic alert

Worried about a traffic jam? Then simply try this new Google map where you can avoid the jam as live traffic is displayed with colour coded alerts to avoid congested roads. It can predict traffic from a week prior to making your journey. It allows you to instantly change your driving route.

• Book your desired hotels

This is another great feature available on the latest map. If you are surfing around the map its easy to find a hotel so you can book it via the Google map just by clicking on it.
The whole aim behind this updated Google map is to provide users with smarter options and information. When it was first launched in preview mode, the loading time was much slower compared to the previous maps which happen to be poor. But now it has improved its service speed.

Google said in a blog post, “With any product redesign, there may be bumps along the road. We’re hoping that you’re as excited as we are to navigate uncharted territory in pursuit of the perfect Map. As always, we want to hear what you think as we work to improve the new Maps over time.”

Aren’t all those above mentioned features amazing? Aren’t you eager to try this new map? I am certainly very interested to try one. If you have any questions regarding the new version of Google Map then you can directly contact us at: 08 8338 3846 or you can even email us your queries at We would love to hear from you.