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Do’s and Don’ts in Email Marketing

New Mail Received!

Sometimes this notification means you got an email from your friends, family or your clients and sometimes it is an email newsletter that we don’t bother opening instead, we select these emails and without hesitation press the Un-subscribe button. But have you ever come across an email newsletter or email campaign that not only did you open it, you read it, shared it and sent it to your friends as well? Check out blog: 7 Email Marketing Tips to get your Emails Read 

Many industries today are devoting more time, resources and money towards email marketing which is an inexpensive way of reaching your customers, directing them to your website and letting them know about your products and services. So Email marketing has to be cleverly written to attract your client’s attention Check the Do’s and Don’ts for email marketing:

Do’s in Email Marketing

1. Get Personal

Who wouldn’t like a Personal attention? Make sure your emails have a personalised touch to increase the chance of opening the mail. Plus it helps to soften the tone of your emails. Always write your emails in first person.

2. Presentation is everything

It’s essential to format your emails properly. You should customize your email templates in a way that fits your branding. And, above all else, your emails should always look professional. Use a professional email templates. These can be bought easily online or if have a good designer then arrange for him to design something special and unique. The outlook is essential to grab the reader’s attention.

3. Attention grabbing subject

Nobody will like to open an email that has a general subject headline. It’s imperative that you always use a catchy subject headline otherwise the content no matter how informative it is in the body of an email is overlooked and your campaign becomes worthless.

4. Short yet effective

Keep emails short and effective. Customers become bored with long texts and either decide to read it later or delete it. Keep in mind most of us want answers instantly.

5. Call to action

Your emails should have a ‘call to action’ button so that you can measure the response from your customers.

6. Always provide option

When a customer subscribes to you, make sure there is also an option to unsubscribe. There are various ways of handling subscriptions. Either have an ‘Unsubscribe’ button on your email or ask the customer to email with a request to unsubscribe.

7. Maximise use of technologies and software available

Specialised online email client software is now available. It helps you to manage lists of your potential and on-hand clients. It’s affordable and user-friendly. It has the ability to send specific emails to targeted customers.

Don’ts in Email Marketing:

1. Don’t be a Spammer

Nobody likes a Spam Email. Be careful not to spam emails causing unnecessary problems for your customers. It is courteous to seek permission prior to emailing them.

2. Don’t beat around the bush

 Keep information to a minimum ensuring that your email is brief, concise and straight to the point focusing on your key objective.

3. Don’t overdo

Do not email too frequently. Customers may become bored, irritated and could even flag your emails as unimportant.

4. Don’t invade privacy

 Respect your client’s privacy, long lists of customers using the CC email function should not be used. No-one likes having their email addresses displayed globally.

5. Don’t make grammar/ spelling errors

Avoid broken links, spelling errors or incorrect recipient names. Finally check your emails carefully before clicking the send button.

There are many software such as Active Campaign, MailChimp, Foxmail, DreamMail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc. to integrate your email marketing strategies. Besides being easy to use, these dedicated software packages also save your time giving a professional impression. Moreover, you can also integrate your mobile and email marketing campaigns allowing you to increase valued tactics leveraged by marketers.

Follow these simple rules to help make your email marketing effective and customer friendly.

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