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Does Social Media’s Impact Go Beyond the Platform?

How Social Media Helps SEO

Many businesses know the importance of being active on different social media platforms, but don’t understand that search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing are both separate aspects of digital marketing, but are both equally as important. SEO, in simple terms, means improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business on a search engine. Social media apps use hashtags, keywords in post copy, or both, to categorize the content. Users can follow hashtags or topics in the same way they can follow accounts, and every post they engage with tells the platforms more about their preferences. 

How Social Media Helps SEO

Social media can provide many great benefits on its own, but it can also aid other areas of your digital marketing efforts. Understanding the relationship between social media marketing (such as Instagram Marketing and Facebook Marketing) and SEO can be a little tricky, which is why we’re here to help. We are not like a normal web design agency that helps you make your business live online, but we will support you to generate quality leads through our consistent marketing efforts. 

So does social media impact SEO?

How Social Media Helps SEO

Social media does not directly contribute to your SEO ranking, but the links you share on social media platforms are a great way to increase brand exposure, which ultimately can help your SEO.

Social media can drive more traffic from social media to your search-optimized pages, improving both your social media visibility and your engagement, but for some reason, too many people are ignoring the huge potential of social media. If your business skips out on social media, you’re missing out on the awesome power of social media marketing.

It’s important to understand that social media is not a bulletin board for you to promote your business, as strategic Facebook and Instagram marketing can be an amazing tool to grow your business. Your social media marketing efforts should aim to:

  1. Build brand recognition: Building your online presence through exposure, so that when your name appears in the search, it’s familiar to the person reading it.
  2. Share valuable and memorable content: Sharing memorable content can help your content get discovered by more people, especially when it’s not on page one of search results.
  3. Earn trust: Supporting your reputation and expertise within your industry, especially when someone is researching you online due to a referral.
  4. Improve local SEO: Increase your local presence and ranking through business profile data and customer reviews.

And ultimately, it should drive targeted traffic to your website: The more places your content can be discovered, the higher the chance that it will drive traffic to your website.

We Are Here to Help

Marketing, SEO, and social media can be confusing and complicated for some people, and we completely understand. It can be overwhelming for some people to learn about, as there’s a lot of jargon, and different aspects to digital marketing, which is why we are here to help.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency, located in Melbourne, servicing all of Australia. This means you can sit back and let us take care of the marketing for you. From website design to social media scheduling and increasing SEO, we can do it all for you. We specialize in digital marketing for a range of industries, including medical, logistics, manufacturing, franchise, and construction. If you need an SEO agency in Australia or looking to design your website, please visit our website or call us, or read our wonderful testimonials, to find out how we can take your marketing to the next level.