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Do I Need To Consolidate My Multiple Websites?

In most cases, merging multiple websites is a wise move. It’s a compact way to keep everything in one place. As a general rule, the fewer barriers people have to a purchase, the more likely they will be to make a purchase. That being said, there are some contexts where consolidating websites isn’t the best idea. When should and shouldn’t you merge your websites into one? As a leading web design agency in Australia, we’ll impart our expert opinion.

When consolidating your websites is a good idea

Do you own a bunch of brands that are similar to one another? Your best bet is to merge them together—especially if you’re in the service industry. Let’s say you run a range of allied health services but each is its own individual brand. Rather than keeping multiple separate websites, why not keep them all in one place? This is similar to the difference between having loose documents and all your documents neatly filed.

Not only is website consolidation neater, but it also fosters brand awareness. Let’s say a prospective patient is checking out the website for your chiropractic clinic but they’re also interested in remedial massage. How would they know that you also own a remedial massage clinic if you haven’t listed it on your website? They could just as easily Google ‘remedial massage’ and book an appointment with your competition.

Consolidating websites is a way to keep everything together, showcase the full extent of your services, and embrace all cross-promotional opportunities.

When consolidating your websites isn’t such a good idea

Consolidating your websites is a good idea until it isn’t. As beneficial as it can be to group everything together, all your services should have a thematic consistency. Let’s say you own a dog-grooming business on top of your allied health clinics. You wouldn’t include your ‘dog-grooming’ website with your allied health website. 

Why not? 

Because dog grooming has nothing to do with allied healthcare. No one would think to search for this service if it’s under a URL like Consequently, your dog-grooming business would soon be dog-gone.

If one or some of your businesses own a certain certification but the others don’t, you’re also in awkward territory. If you list this certification on your website, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for someone to assume that it applies to all services listed. To avoid blurring any such lines, we would suggest keeping your certified and un-certified businesses on separate websites.

What you should do now

Knowing now whether or not you should consolidate your multiple websites, you’re going to need a web design agency in Melbourne or Sydney to design a high-converting website. Consolidation is only the first step! You’re going to want an expertly-designed website that’s easy to navigate and full of calls to action—all strategically placed. Call VIS: a leading digital marketing agency in Australia that knows all things web design. Take advantage of our obligation-free consultation by calling 1300 777 847 or booking an appointment online. We can’t wait to elevate your website and brand.