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CRMs for Small Business: Cost and Efficiency

For most new businesses, having a CRM is rarely a top priority as they are more focused on making sales, ensuring that the business has enough cash flow that it needs to operate.

But what if you could implement a solution that can help your sales team to be more efficient, by having a tool that can help them manage their sales better and make more accurate forecasts? 

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are designed to streamline your business processes that involves your customers and potential customers and scale the overall sales operations. 

However, if you’re just a startup or a small business owner, there may be doubts or you may be hesitant to use this technology at some sort because of the unfamiliarity with this new concept. 

But as your business grows, you can no longer rely on the basic databases or spreadsheets to keep track of your customers details. It will be difficult to manually research, maintain and interpret your customers records to increase the number of your leads and improve its conversion rates. 

A CRM software allows businesses to capture important details of your customers, track the output and enhance customer service.  Everything is consolidated into one: leads, prospects are easy to keep track, no risk of losing by forgetting to follow up.

According to a recent study, companies with a fully utilised CRM system can increase its sales by 29%.

Improving customer relations and employee performance is the key benefits of having a CRM. It is one of the most valuable systems that a startup or a small business can implement to establish deeper customer relationships and convert them into sales opportunities.

Having a CRM also helps you to get more digital and reduce costs in your office.

A digital record management gives you:

  • Improved business processes due to faster access and retrieval of information
  • Easy in decision making, performance measurement as you’ll have quick access to all the right information
  • Better service delivery because relevant information can be located easily and accurately
  • Cost effective – from less storage, retrieval and handling of paper records

Here are some other key benefits of using CRM  software for your small business

Better Organisation

CRM systems provide safe and organised storage of customer information. All of your client information will be stored in one place and it can only be accessible to authorised users. There’s no need to use cluttered filing cabinets or multiple Spreadsheets to keep your records updated. You can be sure that you’ll have easy access to your customers data and the most important part is, you know that your data is secure.

Scheduling and Tracking

Having a CRM system will help you in monitoring your campaigns and schedule all your other activities accordingly.

Team Collaboration

Your marketing and finance department can really benefit in having CRM, they will have all the data they need that is saved in one system. Easy for team collaboration. They can also even share marketing ideas that are specifically targeted toward your customers or similar leads.

Effective Customer Communication

CRM systems enable sales support to have a full view of each customer, since they have quick access to database, sales support team can respond on the clients enquiry faster. Having effective customer communication, builds trust that can lead to developing longer and more profitable customer relationships.

Does your business still rely on spreadsheets and other legacy applications? 

It makes perfect sense to implement the use of cost-effective solutions like the ZOHO CRM. With different packages to suit your needs and fits your budget, that is simple to use.

Or maybe you are looking at how to safely and securely transition to a modern-cloud based solution? 

At VIS, we help you achieve the  competitive edge through implementation of non- biased, vendor independent technological solutions to meet your business requirements. 

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