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Content marketing and SEO strategy

According to, 45% of companies integrate their SEO strategy with content marketing strategy compared to 24% for paid search marketing and 16% for mobile marketing. We have noticed over the past few years, content has been the dominant focus in the search platform areas. Recent humming bird updates are also based on the same theme. Those who provide informative and genuine content are always preferred by robots with an increased probability of a higher ranking in search engines.


Content marketing and SEO, both are directly proportional to one another. If your content is good but no one can find it then the goodness of your content is worthless. By using a SEO strategy with a content marketing strategy, your content is available by a click when searching and your audience is engaged and hopefully leads to action.

But REMEMBER content marketing should not be your primary SEO tactic. Many people are actually writing content for SEO rather than for sharing information. Unnecessary keyword stuffing has been a trend which later penalises your business so significantly that it becomes more difficult to trust and find it on search engines again.

Content writing should be a marketing strategy on its own that brings potential customers via strong and influential words. This enables you to distribute your content on various platforms. But instead of submitting the same content on different platforms such as press releases, directory submission, blogging and the like, during SEO, submit different copies with quality content that will be persuasive enough to lead to action. And the benefit is that you’ll not have to worry about penalties and website expulsion.

Many of the renowned companies are taking advantage of content marketing in order to effectively engage their audiences and provide them with valuable results. Some examples of B2B content marketing strategies are mentioned below from toprankblog :

• Xerox

It created a campaign “Get Optimistic” to connect with 30 top accounts. It also partnered with Forbes in creating a magazine that provided significant business tips. This helped to yield $1.3 Billion in revenue. 70% of the targeted companies interacted with microsite and the readership skyrocketed to 300-400% over previous email campaigns. This added 20,000 new contacts with more than 1,000 appointments being scheduled.

• Logicalis

Another great example of content marketing is that of Logicalis which uses content assets such as emails, microsite and ebook. Through a thoughtful leadership effort and with supportive sales teams the custom message strategy was based on the prospect’s interaction during the campaign. With a target audience of about 2,000, nearly $8 million worth of business was generated.


For connecting and engaging with their target audience, ADP is developing various marketing campaigns such as white papers, diagnostic assessment tools etc. The campaign resulted in over $1 million in new sales opportunities with several deals closed within the first 3 months of the launch.

From the above mentioned strategies, it’s imperative to mention, plan and implement your own marketing on both SEO and Content. Avoid approaching content marketing purely as an SEO tactic. Consider its broader usage on your various marketing strategies for better results.