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At VIS, we have been supporting the needs of Childcare Centres by providing end-to-end recruitment services.

Your reliable Childcare Recruitment Agency

At VIS, we are no stranger to the growing need for childcare facilities in Australia. However, we also recognise the challenges of finding qualified talents to support the centre’s growth and expansion.

That is why our easy recruitment service is aimed to minimise your staffing stress. Leveraging our pool of talents and network, all you have to do is simply spend our hiring efforts on interested candidates attracted and pre-qualified with our screening strategies.

Why Trust Us with Your Staffing Needs

Our streamlined process has always been made agile to fit the ever-changing demands of childcare and early childhood education sector’s needs.

By choosing us, you can rest assured knowing that all the candidates we pre-qualify and send your way have necessary expertise and experience, tick all the mandatory requirement boxes. This means, no need to put yourself in daunting recruitment tasks.

Access to our database of fully compliant onshore certified candidates ready for the next opportunity

Dedicated team who understands both recruitment and Childcare Centre arrangements

Hassle-free, streamlined experience

We can guarantee the number of candidates

Screening and pre-qualifying process tailored to your centre’s needs

Our Recruitment Process

How do our Childcare Recruitment experts in Australia help acquire the best onshore staff for you?

Discovery Meeting

This is where we get to know your organisation, staffing needs, organisational values, and criteria. This will help our specialists create a profile so we can find a perfect match for your centre(s).

Candidate(s) Search

Using our talent pool and network, our childcare recruitment experts will start looking for qualified candidates who match your needs.

Thorough Screening

Working with children demand impeccable compliance. This is why we have our thorough screening process such as police checks, relevant certifications, work experience, etc before recommending them to you.

Shortlisted Recommendations

After the screening, the shortlisted candidates will be referred to you with all the relevant information to help you in the process. You will receive only cream-of-the-cream applicants, thereby avoiding your time wastage in candidates who do not match your needs.

Final Screening

Now the ball is in your court. If you are interested in the candidate profiles, we facilitate your interviews so you can see for yourself if you would like to employ them. The negotiation will be made between your organisation and the candidate.


We measure our success by the number of qualified candidates to fill your promised positions. Once the candidates have been hired, we then complete this lot of agreement.

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