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7 video marketing trends for 2017

The internet is always on the move and so is Social Media. And one of the biggest shift on the internet now is the rise of VIDEO content.

With the video marketing boom in 2016, 2017 is going to be the year where the brands and companies will go for the kill. Keeping this in mind, social media giants like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and others are battling for the supremacy.

The development of improved camera technology and its integration in a smartphone has enabled videos widespread consumption which are now always available, anytime, anywhere. And although video content isn’t new, its growth and potential for marketing will expand throughout the coming years.

With its importance in mind and extensive study of online statistics, we present you “Top 7 video marketing trends for 2017“. Do follow me down the trends.

1. The rise of 360-degree videos

Imagine a video through which you can get 360-degreeview of the surrounding. Imagining this 5-years ago would have been just a dream but with the introduction of VR concept, the dream is now a reality. A recent case study showed that – the average percentage of people who viewed a 360-degree video was 28.81% higher than for the same video in a non 360-degree format.

The same case study also showed that 90% of the users stated product videos are helpful in purchasing decision process. Especially for real estate or large equipment that can’t be feasibly shown to a prospect, a 360-degree video is an effective way to let someone feel like they are looking at the product in person.

2. Expectation of content to be in Video Format

Modern marketers are now at a critical period where they need a video of a product, so that they can send it to customers for marketing purposes. Video has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

For example, showing an unboxing video of a gadget is much easier than defining the product’s features and workings in writing.  Through videos, you can provide firsthand review of the product and show all its features.

Today, an average product has at least 10-15 competitors and increased competition means your brand needs to standout from the rest. For this you need to start providing what the customers want along with a video explaining how the product works and its features.

3. The rise of live video streaming

Seeing the rise in popularity for live video sharing in Snapchat, Facebook paid millions to produce the same feature on its platform.This clearly shows what value live video streaming holds today in the marketing world.

Live video streaming trend in 2017, includes a behind the scene look through which you can provide an exclusive peek into parts of the business that haven’t been revealed yet.You can find quite a few in-depth videos from different companies featuring their products and staffs which help to place them higher than their competitors in the search engine game.

4. Increased audience engagement on YouTube

You go on the internet to research something, you click through links, sorting out one after another, and then suddenly you realise you are watching a video on YouTube, has it ever happened to you?Well, this has happened to most us to state the truth. Videos get the best of us and we end up binge watching our favorite TV series or YouTubers all day long.

Google’s report says that half the percentage of people between the ages 18 to 34years old YouTube users, would drop what they are doing to watch a new video by their favourite YouTuber. With YouTube’s popularity growing every day, if you don’t have a strategy planned for YouTube, you need to make one immediately.

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5. Video Storytelling

Storytelling has always been a part of how we communicate with each other. The feel one’s personal story provide is more engaging and marketers are getting attracted to the storytelling technique more and more.

Online marketing specialist works with clients to uncover stories about their business,stories that we see daily out on the streets, at work, at school, which can make their customers connect with them on a deeper level. They are therefore more likely to go viral, and remembered whenever a customer thinks or needs the service/product provided by that particular company.

6. Email Video

Email is one of the biggest and the strongest weapon, a digital marketer possesses. From newsletters, invitations to a seminar to a product launch, email plays a vital role in a brand’s success.

But isn’t it better if you can invite someone to a product launch through email but in person? Why make them read through a lengthy email? Why not email them a video invitation? Sounds great, right? Well it is! And this has been another growing trend businesses are looking forward to implement in 2017.

7. Newly introduced video marketing strategy

“The Year of Video Marketing” as quoted by Forbes, businesses are finding new ways to reach to their customer base, an innovative way to stand out in social media and an inventive method to make the customers more engaging.

Without overwhelming the customers with technical words and business jargons, one can easily provide an overview of a product through a simple introduction or launch video. So why make a customer go through reading all the texts when you can just summarise the whole thing in less than a minute or two video content?

2017 is going to be an important year as we will be witnessing a huge shift in the marketing industry, with video crowned the next king of content. Be sure your business is on top of it.

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