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7 Smart Mobile App Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Downloads

According to Statista, Android apps reached 3 million marks and the current rate of its growth is more than 1300 apps per day.

This clearly shows that the rate at which mobile apps are succeeding knows no limits and hence the bar has raised to put the apps that stand out in the market. People won’t be interested in your app no matter how awesome features and design it has or how much you market it. So, it is a must for every business owner to have a strong mobile app marketing strategy to boost the number of app downloads. App development is not a one-time process, it’s a continuous process if you are looking for sustainable long term results. That’s why it is fundamental for mobile app developers to run a strong marketing campaign including pre-launch and post-launch activities.

Are you also struggling to get your app downloads number higher?

Don’t worry! We have got a solution for you! All it takes is the right know of how you can bring your app to the attention of masses.

We handpicked seven of the best app marketing ideas, so you can increase your awesome app downloads on the go.

1. Appealing Name and Description

The name you decide for your app also makes a huge difference when it comes to app marketing. Make sure to choose a simple, memorable, and unique name for your app that perfectly reflect what your app is exactly about. The description also acts as a major role when it comes to generating more downloads. The features and benefits, the value proposition, social proof, call-to-action you include, decides whether your customers would download it or not. It would be even better to include any keywords in the name and description that best describes what it is about.

2. Eye-Catchy Photos or Videos

The photos, screenshots, and videos you use for your app also determine the download rate. It is surely the most important aspects of your app description. The video for an app is definitely a thumbs-up to drive more downloads as people are more into watching videos than just read about it. But don’t forget to optimise it by using the right title description, and keywords.

3. App Store Optimisation (ASO)

Have you heard about App Store Optimisation?
It is similar to as SEO for websites. This will improve an app’s visibility in the app store and help your customers to find your app in the app stores. To get ranked in the app store, various factors are to be considered as app title, tags, keyword used, user rating, screenshots, etc for both android and apple apps.

4. Social Media Marketing

With 80% of Australians active on social media, social media is one of the best ideas to promote your app and generate more downloads. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube are some of the platforms where you can market your app. But make sure to create conversations and engage with the users rather than just posting the information and promotion of the app. Here’s how you can promote your app to get more downloads through social media:

i.  Share your app including its awesome features and benefits on your social media profiles.
ii. Promote apps with ads. Make sure to consider terms of service for each social media platform.

5. Conversion from Website

You have a great fan following and a great traffic to your website. Then, why not link your app to your website. The website acts as the best platform to drive your current visitors to your app. Here’s how you can do it:

i.  Create a special landing page on your website including its features and benefits for people to download your app.
ii. Create a pop-up advertising about the app

6. Authentic Reviews

What do you first see while you download an app?

REVIEW!! Right?

A positive review is undoubtedly the most effective way to convince people to generate more downloads. Even research shows that around 70% of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase. ‘More positive reviews, More Sales’, this is a very well-known fact, and similar is the case when it comes to app. Getting positive reviews will not only boost your app rankings but also convince users to download your app. Both app store and play store algorithms take reviews and ratings into account to rank apps. But this doesn’t mean to purchase fake reviews just to increase the ranking. Organic and authentic reviews from real people is an important thing to keep in mind.

7. Email Marketing

Though email marketing is one of the oldest ways of driving traffic, it is still as effective as it was before. Email marketing is very easy to share, track, and target to a potential customer and it equally offers a high return on investment. You can build a newsletter to provide information about the app.

Developing an awesome app is not much of a difficult task as much as getting downloads is. With millions of apps available in the market, it is very competitive to rank your app higher. But with right ways and practices, you can boost app store rankings and downloads.

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