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6 Google AdWords and PPC Mistakes You Need to Stop Immediately

Online advertising with Google AdWords aids businesses to effectively reach new customers and grow their businesses. It is a commonly used advertising system across an extensive range of industries. e.g. Facebook, Google and AdWords enable businesses to set a budget for advertising. The difference is that businesses are only obliged to pay when people click on their ads.

Because of the criticality and specifics of Google AdWords, it takes practice, mapping and planning to effectively use this system.

Here are 6 major mistakes you need to avoid and by doing so, you’ll be ahead of the competition!

1. Forgetting Ad extensions

Forgetting ad extensions while using the Google AdWords system is a number one critical mistake.

Ad extensions enhances your ads by adding additional information and functionalities giving you an option to include more information in your PPC ad. This provides people with additional opportunities to click through to your website from your ads. Apart from additional links, include your phone number, address details, products and services.

2. Avoid duplicate keywords

Reduce unnecessary spends by removing duplicate keywords. This causes your ads to compete against one another which results in an undesirable effect to your campaign’s performance. Google will only display one of your ads for a given keyword at a time. Therefore, you lose opportunities for visibility.

However, there are times when there might be a good reason to have a keyword duplicated in your account. For example, if the keyword in your campaign uses different geographic targets – this is fine since keywords will not be competing against one another.

3. Not using remarketing

Even if you’re not running display campaigns, it’s important to set up remarketing audience lists for people who have visited your website. This allows you to target and adjust your ads if they are included in an audience list. For instance, using remarketing with your search campaigns, allows you to increase your bids to those who have previously visited your website, but who have not yet converted. This allows you to increase your bids for competitive keywords and gain more visibility.

By targeting people who have already engaged with your website or brand, you’re more likely to drive conversions from your campaigns.

4. Not grouping keywords

It’s important to use effective keyword grouping for search campaigns. A good guide is to check that each of your ad group contains a maximum of 5-10 keywords each. If there are more keywords in an ad group, it indicates that they’re not closely related.

If you have a keyword that is important and have invested heavily in it, then consider having its own dedicated ad group to ensure that you have the best possible ads showing for the duration of the campaign.

5. Forgetting to optimise landing pages

Many businesses forget to optimise their landing pages for conversions. There are different ways that you can optimise your landing pages for your AdWords campaigns is to run conversion tests for better results. This is done by creating a new version of your landing pages to send some traffic to the new version, as well as the existing version, to review the results.

By improving your landing pages, you’re improving the performance of your campaigns and
increasing the ROI from AdWords.

6. Targeting searches and displays in the same campaign

This is where you create a search campaign and select the options for display expansions. This allows the campaign to show ads on both the Google ‘Search Network’ and ‘Display Network’.

You are likely to spend most of your budget on AdWords by displaying your ads on searches which will give you better results. However, you will have more control if you create separate search and display campaigns.

Still unsure on how you can effectively correct these mistakes?

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