Are You Struggling To Get More Referrals? Here Are 5 Ways To Ask for Referrals And Get More Clients

Everyone agrees: referrals are one of the top ways to grow your business. It is also the most cost-effective way to generate new business and clients. Yet the challenge for most businesses is learning how to ask for referrals, without coming off as desperate or pushy.

Ask for Referrals

So the question you should ask yourself is, do you want to get more clients? If the answer is yes, then set aside your squeamishness and follow these top 5 tips on how to ask for a referral from every satisfied client:

1. Directly ask.

The best way to ask for a referral is to be direct and just ask your clients or customers in-person, online, through an email or at the bottom of your invoices. Remember that most people like to help others (if there is no negative cost to them). It’s not awkward or pushy if you’ve earned the favour by going above and beyond. Remind yourself that the worst that can happen is the client says, “no”. That isn’t too horrible, is it?

Make asking for a referral a part of your normal project routine. With most projects, there is usually a final meeting with the client, which can work as a perfect time to ask for a referral. Remember to focus on clients you have a relationship with, such as those in your community. They’ll be more likely to refer your goods or services since they trust you and can vouch for your work.

2. Offer incentives, fees and commission.

There are a number of ways you can incentivise clients to give referrals. A common referral technique is to pay others for referring your business. For instance, you could leave business cards at a local café or salon and offer the owner and their staff a dollar or two for every card they hand out. If you’re looking for ongoing referrals, you could also offer them a percentage of each new sale they’ve referred.

Also, everyone enjoys a gift. Incentives like a gift card, percentage off of future work, a small gift or charitable donation in their name are all powerful tools to encourage referrals.

3. Be indirect.

While we already touched on how important it is to be direct and ask clients face-to-face, sometimes this isn’t always the best approach. Some clients can actually get uncomfortable about this or are not allowed to refer due to their employers. The best way is to feel out each situation individually. Perhaps they can contribute by leaving positive reviews or testimonials on your website. This can be a way to endorse or recommend your business without giving a direct referral.

4. Be active in the community

There are plenty of ways to use the social media community to your advantage. For instance, LinkedIn allows individuals to reach out to mutual connections. Before reaching out to prospective clients, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and optimized. Do this by regularly posting relevant content.

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Another way is to ask clients to like your Facebook or/ and Instagram page. This can be encouraged by posting engaging, share-worthy content.

Another key to getting more referrals: be active in the real world by attending or hosting business networking groups!

5. Practice makes perfect.

Don’t let your own shyness or fear get in the way of growing your business! The good news is the more referrals you ask for, the more referrals you’ll get! It’s a small effort for something that goes a long way: more clients and business!

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