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5 Ways Technology can make your Content Smarter

Technology is a part of a team, a-must-have tool if one is creating, editing, evaluating, or auditing a content. Among all the strategies and weapon a marketer has, content is the biggest and with technology in the mix, it will definitely help in making the content smarter and better. During a research, two-thirds of the respondents said it’s very likely that use of technology can make their content marketing strategy more efficient during various stages in the content creation process.

Technology provides a tactical edge to content marketing strategy and when used strategically, technology helps content marketers work smarter. But before applying technology for marketing purposes, you need a strategic vision. A vision on how you can gain upper-hand on small but vital opportunities that technology provides, how you can utilize the time frame, the amplification of results and revelation of unknown opportunities beforehand. With that in context, let’s look at 5 ways technology can make your content smarter.

5 Ways Technology can make your content smarter

1. Auditing your content library

Without technology, marketers need to spend a lot of time tracking their content and performance metrics in a spreadsheet. It’s a lot of work and an outdated process. Even timely reviews cannot determine what content is working or what content is not. Without technology to guide you, you may be losing some valuable opportunities to quickly address your customer’s needs and demands.
However, with the use of technology you can audit your content, look out for the kind of content and material your customer is looking for, and the work can be done in real-time. You can identify which content you can re-purpose so that you can stay on top of new trends and upcoming shift in the world of content marketing.

2. Maximising your Keyword research

Every content you create and publish is an investment, a bet on the roulette table, it may return value or not, that is uncertain. But with technology, you can find related topics, keywords to use which can help your content reach the right viewers. You can see what your competitors are publishing and how can you use that to your advantage is up to you. Analytics tool allows you to cross-check your keyword data with performance metrics.

3. Using editorial calendar

Yes, the spreadsheet is a great tool to manage your editorial calendar but only if you have limited content to publish. What if you have to publish hundreds of contents a week? Updating spreadsheet every time is time-consuming and you could get sucked in by updating a single document rather than doing some productive work. And you have to notify your team member about the update and what the update means.
On the other hand, online project management tool enables you to work smarter with automated reminders and notifications. You can add your team members and they can see the changes in real-time. Also with state-of-the art incorporated security, one has to request permission to view or edit the document, elevating your content marketing to the enterprise level.

4. Content optimisation

Creating and publishing a blog is not enough. There are lots of blogs being published every day and you may get lost in the crowd. Various tools and online plugins can help you identify how you can rank your blog and content better. A blog needs, title, keywords, a well-optimized description, worded call to action and internal rankings to rank better. Additionally, these tools can identify more effective links and keywords for your post.

5. Social Media distribution

Getting hots on your blog post via social media is a challenge. Social media is one of the greatest weapon, a marketer possesses. Social media like Facebook is a large community and if you work smart, you can reap benefits from it.
With the help of technology, you can collect data through which you can create optimal strategies. You can analyze your followers’ behavior, the correct time to publish and share a post, and publish them on the right channels targeting specific customers.

Before jumping onto the technology, think clearly about your strategy, what you want to gain from the investment you are betting on. While there are many tools available, you need to choose the best that suits your vision and plan. With a formidable strategy in place, you can leverage tools functionality to create smart content and market them better for your benefits and greater return.

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