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Why using WordPress in your website is important

Initially, wordpress was famous as a blogging software used for making blogs only. But now, it is used for making an entire website. We call a wordpress website as a blogging software based website. If you are thinking why to choose wordpress for making your website then given below are quick points that will help you understand its importance and how beneficial it is:


1)    It consumes less time and saves your money.
You can schedule a post to be published on your site any time you desire. It becomes automaticas you can simply blog a post or add content to your website.You do not need to visit your designers for simple changes to your text or for adding new pages to your site. WordPress makes it easy for you because you can make the edits yourself. You do not need to pay for these small tasks to your designers. Hence, wordpress not only saves time it also saves your money.


2)    It is search engine friendly

WordPress sites are more search engine friendly. The structure of wordpress blog code is steady and streamlined without excessive HTML code that search engines find very appealing for indexing. As posting the blogs, contents and adding new pages are quite simple, you can make regular posts. The robots will visit your entire site daily looking for the new content, pages and any other changes that canbe indexed. New pages get indexed within hours or even in minutes if you consign to add new content over time.


3)    It is social networking friendly

Wordpess has different plug-ins. Social media plug-ins are easily available that integrate your blog posts with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You do not have to go to every account and login. Instead, this integration helps you to get linked to your account staying on the same page.


4)    You can speed up your communication

Since you can make the basic changes by yourself, you do not need to rely or wait for your designer. You can make these changes and upload it, thereby giving your website visitors the most timely and updated details.


5)    Update for more security

If you are updating your wordpress it also helps with security. One of the primary reasons for upgrading wordpress installation is, with each update, it contains some security fixes. As many users are victimsto unfortunate consequences of a host being hacked. So, do not hesitate to update your wordpress and make your website more secure.


6)    24 hours listing on Bing/MSN and automated syndication

The fastest way to have your site indexed is to add RSS feeds to Bing/MSN. This method is common for even new sites to appear within 24 hours in Bing/MSN.
The blog posts can be converted to RSS feeds and automatically syndicated to blog directories and other websites.


7)    You can engage with current media

You can easily add audio and video to your content or pages without needing to have it coded.


8)    It provides greater accessibility

For wordpress users, there is another benefit for you. If an idea hits your mind suddenly during your coffee time and you are in your friend’s home, then do not worry. You can make changes and add content from any computer in the world with internet access without needing any other additional software.


Unlike other software like Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc. upgrades to wordpress software are easy. So, go and grab the opportunity and make websites with less time but more productivity.

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