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Why LinkedIn is not just a Social Media for B2B Companies?

Social media platforms allow companies to interact directly with their target market through posts, messages, and comments. This increases opportunities for upselling and disseminating information about a business’s offers, products, or services. However, not all social media platforms are alike. To get the maximum results from each platform, you need to play to their strengths. This is why you shouldn’t limit your LinkedIn’s potential by using as a simple social posting tool.

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site with over 600 million members and growing. This may not seem a lot, especially compared to Facebook’s as it’s over 1.6 billion members, but 4 out of every 5 members in the community are business decision makers or at least influence decisions. What LinkedIn lacks in quantity; it makes up for in quality.

On top of that, studies conducted show that 80% of B2B leads found through social media actually comes from LinkedIn. If that isn’t enough evidence to showcase the power of this platform in creating leads, LinkedIn has released a study showing that 50% of B2B traffic to websites coming from social media platforms are actually from LinkedIn.

There is no doubt about the power of LinkedIn when it comes to B2B marketing. This is the perfect platform for your company to find new leads and create new sales opportunities.

The million-dollar question now is, how do you achieve this?

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile and Page

Your LinkedIn profile is the 1st touch point with your targeted audience. Maintaining a well-polished profile definitely sets the tone for your positioning.

Although LinkedIn profile maximisation has now become a cliché, it still is the gateway for your quality B2B lead generation.

This means filling it up with all relevant information in such a way that it will help generate interest for viewers of what your company has to offer.

This includes making use of proper photos on your profile, showcasing your skills, your experience, education, and your achievements. Treat this basically like a business card, showcasing your point of difference in your marketplace. For more detailed information on how you can setup your profile, download your visual guide for free.

SEO is not limited to websites. By focusing on the right keywords on headlines, there’s high potentiality to attract right and targeted audience to your profile.

You can also set up a corporate page for your company on LinkedIn which can provide even more information about what your products or services are and why this is beneficial to potential clients.

Whether it is an inbound or outbound source, people would look at your profile to confirm your legitimacy, your skills, capabilities, and backgrounds.

Make the Right Connections

LinkedIn is all about connecting with the right people. You can start off by connecting with your fellow university alumni, faculty members, and friends. You can then expand this to people you’ve worked with or done business with. Next, you should seek out and add people who are on top of the industry. This way, you are informed with the latest developments and you can increase your influence as well.

Quick Tip: You can build the relationship by seeking some common ground, so you can use it as an ice breaker. LinkedIn’s premium feature – Sales Navigator simplifies this job for you by suggesting you the topics to start conversations.

Nurture your Connections on an Ongoing Basis

Approaching the people who are influential to you will increase your connection. It will help you create your presence on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn is not only about creating connection. It’s important to be aware about the essence of the connection you have made. You have to drive yourself to think how you can nurture this connection. Be it by initiating engaging communication your audience would be interested in.

Staying active in your LinkedIn circle would help you foster your relation for a long period of time.

Share your Knowledge

The goal is to become a knowledge centre or a thought leader in your industry. Share provocative and prolific articles relevant to your audience. Or maybe write a piece about a current event related to your industry and share insights. Share these pieces through LinkedIn so your connections can see that you are someone who understands the industry on a deeper level.

Don’t forget to participate in comments or engagement that happens on your post as well. Spark meaningful conversations.

Make use of InMails

LinkedIn offers a feature called InMail. This is a limited use messaging opportunity that allows you to reach out to certain people who are not within your connections. This is essentially LinkedIn’s version of email marketing within their platform. The main difference and advantage of InMail though is that you can get top level information about a person before sending a message.

InMail shows a higher success rate as compared to traditional email marketing campaigns with a 300% higher response rate.

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