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Where to Focus Your Marketing?

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In the same way, like any successful customer relationship, patient retention is defined by having positive touchpoints. It is the determining factor on how a patient will likely to continue with your practice or choose another for a competing practice.

Positive touchpoints with your patients don’t just happen overnight. You must consider doing a proactive approach to create a solid foundation of positive interactions that are capable enough to keep your patients loyal, despite the occasional, and for some inevitable, poor experience. 

One of the key focuses of your practice should be to always nurture your existing patients while generating new ones.

Research shows that it is in fact 6 to 7 times more costly to acquire a new patient than it is to retain an existing one. 

Retention of your existing patients is not as difficult as it looks, here’s how:

1. Lapsed Patients campaign:

Lapsed patients are those patients who haven’t visited your clinic since past 18 months or more. 

There could be several underlying reasons for them not visiting you. This could mean either they’ve switched to different service provider, or they’re procrastinating their need for treatment follow-up, or for other reasons. 

Anyway, there are some great campaigns that can help you win back some of these lapsed patients. 

In our experience with our medical clients, lapsed patients campaign has proven to be really effective in increasing the number of bookings by about 13% in just a few weeks.

If you are running a medical practice for at least 3 years, you must have a decent size of patients list. So, why not dig this goldmine to induce more appointments?

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2. Existing Patients Campaign:

Not adding value to your existing patients means you are giving them a chance to reconsider other service providers. 

As you have already laid the groundwork of building trust, all it will take is a bit of extra effort to give them reasons to  choose you every single time they need the services you offer. 

There are a couple of effective ways to trigger this relationship through online and offline marketing channels. 

3. Referral Campaign:

“Trust” is a major issue when it comes to healthcare. 

If your existing patients trust you enough with their health, they would surely feel comfortable to recommend your service to their friends and family.

The medical world is so competitive today, and people are loaded with so much of the information, choices and special offers.

Amidst such, the first option for anyone would be to choose a doctor that their family or friends have trusted and referred. 

A referral campaign can help optimise your sales cycle, produce quality leads, and take your marketing efforts up to the next level.

At VIS, we offer customised Referral Marketing campaigns to encourage more referrals into your practice. 


Most of the time, marketing is often focused on attracting and converting new patients than nurturing existing patients and retaining them is often forgotten.

If you are looking for ways to attract more appointments and more profits, perhaps the best practice is to start your search inside your database. 

It’s much easier to retain existing patients than convince new ones as you already have that connection with them. You just need to keep practising the pointers that are listed above

At VIS we make sure that your existing patients are well taken care of while helping you generate quality new patients.

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