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Top 5 Ways to Increase your ROI from Facebook

Most marketers report that, their greatest challenge is in measuring and demonstrating their return on social marketing investment. Amongst the various Social Medias available, Facebook is dominant one. And it is indeed the best platform. You might wonder how? Well given below are reasons which will give you a better understanding.

1. Your existing and potential customers are on Facebook

There are more than 1.19 billion Facebook users in world. Among them are your existing customers whereas there is also a high probability of potentially new customers. That is why your Facebook marketing should be sharp, accurate and attractive so that you can reach these potential customers.

2. It’s not about likes only, it’s about generating leads

Increasing likes on your Facebook page and not being interactive with your audience will not work for long-term relationships.For building a good customer relationship, it’s better to move out of Facebook using various marketing strategies and tools. It’s like making a connection with your followers by gathering their email addresses and contacting them outside Facebook. You can gather emails through various campaigns in Facebook such as contests, giveaways, newsletter etc. Then email them consistently once or twice a week with helpful and useful information. This is indeed a smart way of gathering leads to your business.

3. No extra marketing costs

It’s simple! Your Facebook page is free of cost. Different banners and campaigns can be used to attract maximum number of users. Engagement of users can be increased by effective presentation skills.

4. Using Facebook insights

Facebook provides a platform for Page Admins called ‘Insights’. In these reports, there are some clear and easy data that shows yourreach and engagement. You can see how many page likes you have, the reach of your posts & page, engagement of the page, post performance etc. Using this data helps you to tailor your posting times and therefore maximising the impact that each post has made.

5.  Increasing your Web traffic and boosting SEO

Facebook is one of the best platforms to promote your website and blogs. Smart Facebook page owners drive traffic to their website or blogs from their Facebook pages. This is possible via a linked post in Facebook. The linked post generates a full-width image which is pleasing to the eyes and enables you to use a very striking image and text to attract audiences.

Social Media directly affects your SEO. That is the reason why by boosting your Social Media presence can strengthen your SEO.

Here are the top five brands on Facebook from

1. Coca-Cola (Coke) – 78,740,883 Facebook users

2. YouTube – 77,854,327 Facebook users

3. MTV – 48,644,258 Facebook users

4. Disney – 46,062,261 Facebook users

5. Red Bull – 42, 334,097 Facebook users

So, wouldn’t you want your brand in one of above lists?

This is possible only via active participation and smart handling of the techniques while using Facebook for your business. At VIS, we have an expert Social Media Team who can assist you in reaching your desired goals. Request your quote now via Or you can call us at 1300 777 847.