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Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Myths

When it comes to marketing, a lot of things are up for debate. One thing that worked for someone may not work for another due to different factors. From this, myths are created. Myths that say one thing or another does not work because they did not experience it for themselves. Lead generation is not immune to this phenomenon. A lot of people have tried and failed to do certain aspects of lead generation campaigns which have led to the formation of several myths. Today, we look at the top 5 lead generation myths.

Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Myths

Lead Generation Myth #1: Dedicated landing pages are not necessary

There are some who do not believe you need to create a landing page when you run a lead generation campaign. This is simply not true.

A landing page is your final spiel to your potential customer. They were hooked by your social media post or email so their interest has already been piqued. It is the landing page’s job now to finalise the sale. Make a final, strong argument why the potential customer needs to click on that call-to-action.

Building a landing page also provides you with more opportunities rather than just sending your target audience to your website’s home page. It allows you to highlight specific parts of your product or service depending on the nature of the campaign. You can also use it to upsell other campaigns or provide a way for the customer to further share your campaign through social media buttons.

Not creating a landing page is a lead generation myth that can do a lot of harm to your campaign. So make sure to build a landing page catered to the target audience of your campaign.

Lead Generation Myth #2: You cannot track lead generation results

This may be true 10 or 12 years ago but today, not being able to track results has now become one of the biggest lead generation myths of all time.

Tracking leads are now as simple as making sure your lead generation campaign is integrated to the right technologies. Two of the most important are an analytics tool with tagging capabilities and a CRM tool. By having both, you get the ability to see who has gone through your lead generation funnel. You can actually study where they’ve come from the most and which part of the funnel they drop off the most. These data can greatly help you make adjustments even while the campaign is running.

Most importantly, these technologies can show you whether the campaign is a success or not.

Lead Generation Myth #3: You do not need customer education

According to this lead generation myth, people can come to your website and purchase something right off the bat. This essentially isn’t true. Blindly purchasing something without proper research does not happen. And it is up to you to educate your potential customers.

You need to teach your potential customers about your product or service. What does it do, why do they need it, and why should they go with you rather than a competitor. It is your job to let them know about this, not the other way around.

Lead Generation Myth #4: New leads are immediately ready to convert

Imagine gaining several hundred leads in one day. It is so tempting to immediately send them an email or call them up. However, this is a huge mistake. This lead generation myth can turn potential customers away.

More often than not, a new lead is still making a decision or doing their research. At this point, the best thing to do is to educate them as mentioned above. Tell them why your product or service fits them through your website. Let them interact with your site first. If they are ready, they will be the first to make a move and send you an email or call you up.

Lead Generation Myth #5: You do not need social media

Out of all these lead generation myths, this one is probably the biggest. More and more people are starting to believe that social media is a waste of time in generating leads and getting customers. And the numbers do not lie.
market research from shows that 64% of B2B marketers are able to generate leads through LinkedIn while 49% get it from Facebook and 36% on Twitter.

It is true that when people are browsing through social media, they do not think about business. But, with the right targeting and messaging, you can make sure that they know about your offer and would convert when the time is right for them.

Believing lead generation myths can be harmful to your marketing efforts. Make sure to stay educated and avoid falling for these. Or, you can contact us to help run your lead generation efforts instead. We have a great track record for creating leads for our customers. Click here to book your free consultation today.