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Top 10 SEO content writing tips

Your content has the potential to reach a large audience and help your company beyond the SEO benefits. Website content, articles and blog posts are ways to connect your company to relevant and interesting information about your industry. Creating copy that is well-written and focuses on interesting topics in your industry will help it go beyond increasing your page rank by being linked to and shared by outsiders.

The following video will give you a clear vision:

The 10 basic steps are:

1. Write for humans and optimise for robots

If you write keeping “search engines” in mind, then nobody would want to read your content. Everything points to the fact that Google prefers natural content to obvious SEO stuff. Moreover, there’s no point in great rankings if your content doesn’t convert. So, focus on flesh and bone target audience but help the robots find your content.

2. Write original content

Your content should be fresh and original. Having a duplicate content in your site is a way to put yourself in low ranking in Google and other search engines. That is why do not just “copy and paste”. Creating your own content that renovates is best way to make SEO effective.

3. Stay on topic

Write content staying on a topic that conforms to the purpose of your website. Focus on your content around your user’s needs and tasks, not around yourself or your organisation. Just make sure that you stay focused on the business-oriented topic you are writing about and avoid drifting into unrelated tangents.

4. Use keyword research tools

One of the most important factors to be considered during SEO content writing is the selection of appropriate keyword. There are various tools through which you can find the appropriate striking and most used keywords to gain maximum number of visitors. Tools such as Google Adwords, Wordtracker help you in selecting the best and competing keywords. The keywords should be selected very carefully with research into the online behaviors of your customers, search volumes, market factors and your competition.
5. Add those keywords to your content

Content is king in the world of SEO. By adding the selected keywords to your content, you are adding extra value and benefits to your website for being indexed and optimised double compared to simple content without relevant keywords.

6. Do not stuff with keywords

Keywords are essential but that does not mean that the content should be totally controlled by the keywords to get better results. Around 8% of keyword should be optimum and mustn’t seem fishy. If your article has 1000 words then 80 of those words should have variances of the search term you are targeting. Thus, use keywords within the limits preventing the site from being punished by the search engines.

7. Use meta tags

The titles of web pages and articles are among the first things that grab the attention of a reader. Here is the chance that you can make it sensible for both customers and robots. Use the selected keywords for writing compelling title that describes your article and excites users to read more.
Meta descriptions are 150 character descriptions of your content and are excellent opportunities for optimisation as well. Make sure your content has meta descriptions with keywords included. This is a great way to get Google to recognize your content and increase its value.

8. Choose relevant images and alt texts

Google Image Search will help you find intriguing images that are free to use without risking copyright infringement. Having eye-catching images that are relevant to your content will grab the reader’s attention. Moreover, using “alt” attribute of image tag with relevant keywords serves as plus point in SEO.

9. Write and tag hierarchically

Using appropriate tags in your content will help search engines to give your content the highest ranking. So it’s important that it looks professional and well structured with the use of h1 tags for titles and h2 tags for subtitles and so on.

10. Get your content noticed and shared

For making your content get noticed, make it unique, indisputable and beneficial so that your content gets shared. Sharing gets you links and traffic. The more shares your content gets the more relevant and popular it will seem to Google. So, share your content via relevant forums, blogs, influencers, newsletters, and usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google etc. and don’t underestimate the incredible power of guest blogging as well.

Well, this is quite simple really!

What should you do now?
1. Follow the above listed tips so as to make effective SEO content
2. Share it to your friends and let them know too
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