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Make your smart phone smarter with 5 free must have Mobile Apps

Nowadays, there are millions of Apps developed and being developed. Many of them are crucial but many are just unnecessary with a small user base and with no customer support. They are non-intuitive with clunky interfaces making simple tasks like making to do list unusually complex.

But there are the some excellent apps which really make your work easier. Listed below are seven free mobile business apps for making your daily work schedule effortless in a short time.

1) Dropbox: Sync from anywhere.

It is one of the oldest apps of great value. It’s a seamless, cloud-based system that syncs files across all your devices. Simply drag the files or folders into your dropbox folder which syncs automatically across your phones, PCs, laptops, tablets, etc. You can edit or add folders from anywhere and all those changes are saved and synced. Dropbox provides 2 GBs free and up to 18 GBs for free if you refer your friends. If you require more than this then there are paid plans as well.

2) Trello: It’s not just to-do lists.
It is another mobile app which is uniquely flexible and collaborative that co-ordinates complex projects amongst bigger teams. Lists or tasks are in the form of columns on a virtual corkboard. You can add as many cards as you like to the List. You can even customize each card with comments, checklists and attachments. You can also loop into other team members and assign them cards. One can even drag the cards from the List to another as a project moves towards completion.

3) Evernote: Your digital junk drawer.

It is the world’s most incredible junk drawer, cloud-based note taking app where you can throw all the random stuff like photos, attachments, voice memos etc from the internet, typed and even handwritten notes. It has unlimited uses with accessibility across all your devices. This free mobile app lets you upload up to 60 megabytes a month.

4) HootSuite: All your social media in one.
This app amazingly handles all your social media. It allows publishing your post or message in all your social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. from one interface. You can schedule to post messages for optimum times, attach files, photos etc. For the advanced users, they can set up streams for monitoring customer feedback on social networks, track clients and keywords across different platforms and more.

5) Brewster: Your complete contact info.
In business, you have thousands of clients and it’s very difficult to keep all their details updated. But this app, namely Brewster, helps to manage these records in an effective way. It pulls in all the details and contact information from other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and creates eye-catchy, in-depth profiles for every person. This app automatically sorts your contacts into favorites, trending a list using a relationship algorithm. This app also notifies you when you are not in touch with someone. Brewster is also fully searchable not only by name but also by a keyword, location and even photos.

Save your time, act smart using your smart phone and make your work easier and quicker.

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