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How to increase social shares and ranking of your website?

Today, where Social Media plays vital role in uplifting your online presence, Social Media integration in your website is equally imperative. There is no doubt that Social Medias are the platform that help brand get discovered over the web but apart from this, it has also began to impact the ranking of the websites on the search results.

One of the ways to improve your website’s ranking is through the increment in social shares of your website that will help in generating more traffic, branding etc.
Below given are some tips that will help you to increase social shares and ranking of your website.

1. Increase your followers

Get as much followers as you can because it will make your base strong which is the very first step to get social share for your website’s content. And for this, you should integrate social media campaigns with continuous content marketing. The regular updated, informative and interesting post on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ will be the main reason people follow you.

2. Build relationship

It’s very important to know how your audiences are reacting to your contents. Whether they are benefitted or bored with it. You can ask for reviews and make interesting posts in the form of questionnaire. You can post questions with multiple options and through the comments you can know how many of your audiences are reacting to you. Posting sharp and valuable contents are needed for gaining audience attraction. Also you can conduct social contests for better interactivity.

3. Be unique

Uniqueness is being the serious issue. People beside of building their USP’s, copy what others are doing and people do not care much for these. Uniqueness is the main attraction that makes brand stand out from your competitors and people love something that is extra-ordinary and creative. For example, you can communicate with your audience in the form of inventive video. Videos make people emotionally connected that can electrify them to buy your products and re-visit your websites. This means more traffic will be generated which will automatically help in ranking your website.

4. Generate sharable content

Unique and informative contents are shared virally; we all have experience in it. That is why you need to create remarkable content in order to get noticed and shared. You should deliver content o your target audience and for this, you can use paid social ads from Facebook or Stumbleupon to push your content. Also, optimising your content should be ensured for search so that it will constantly generate highly targeted valuable traffic. Promote your content in the community where your target audience resides and do not forget to connect with your blog.

5. Clear Call to Action

When user visits your website, make it easy for them to share your content. This can be done by making social buttons (such as Facebook’s Like, Twitter’s Tweet, Google+’s +1) very visible and catchy on key pages of your site.

So, have you come up with the plans to comply with the above mentioned points and increase your social shares?