How to boost SEO Rankings for your New Website

How to boost SEO Rankings for your new Website from the Beginning

There is hardly any business that hasn’t made their online presence felt today. However, if you are planning to launch a new website, put your best foot forward when it comes to SEO rankings (Search Engine Optimization).

Google’s or any other search engines’ objective is to put best and reliable websites to the top of their search engine results. So, it’s a good idea to know from the beginning on how to boost SEO rankings for your new website.

And, how can you do that? Here are 10 simple and basic things to do which will enable you to get a head start and improve your website’s SEO rankings.

1. Original and Quality Content

Create and post original content on your webpages.  Avoid “Copy and Paste” content as   Google will penalize you and drop your SEO rankings. Think forward and become a leader in your line of work and have relevant and informative material to post and share. Avoid following the trends.

If a person wants any information they can simply read a book, but digital marketing is a different as you are able to tell stories using pictures. That’s why using high quality images with alt tags and original text content is crucial. Images are attractive. So are informative videos and infographics. So, pepper your websites with these materials of your own and then distribute them through various channels.

However, don’t give away everything at the same time.   Have a few secrets in reserve, so your visitors are compelled to ask you – The Expert!

2. Keywords, Meta Tags, Description and Alt Tags

Right keywords are vital to boost SEO rankings and needs to be placed strategically in your website.  Don’t spoil your content with keywords or use black hat methods from bygone days. High quality content still rules supreme for search engine results rather than keywords crammed into your content. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your content in preference for keywords and over optimization. Remember Google will penalize you by dropping your SEO rankings for it.

If quality content is king then placement of strategic keywords is queen when it comes to obtaining top results for SEO rankings for your new website. Ensure that the best keywords combination are used as well as use of long-tail keywords in your content. Keep meta tags, descriptions and alt tags with relevant keywords. Remember to keep alt tags in each image published in your new website. These will help to boost your seo rankings for the site’s images.

3. Be active in Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest and Google+ are the front runners when it comes to making your online presence felt in the community. The main point of having social media is to communicate with your targeted audiences. So, creating these accounts and leaving them idle becomes non effective.

A recent example is the mega popular gaming app POKEMON GO! Whereby the creators were not providing any helpful information, and when they did, it was via Twitter which was too late and too little. This lack of communication created a backlash in the community.

Always be consistent on posts and have relevant and useful topics to share. Don’t forget to engage with your visitors, reply to their queries, ask them questions, provide solutions to common problems and if they have any difficulty then offer your professional help.

Also add links to your social media channels in an attractive way on your new website.

Create original and high quality blogs, videos, images and infographics and post them on your website, then share these on all your social media platforms. Google and other search engines consider social media engagements and this will help boost your SEO rankings for your site.

4. Building your Brand

As it is important to build your brand in the real world, it is equally important to make people aware of your brand online. This is a plus point for improving your site’s SEO rankings. Having a strong online brand presence means people will click on the search results of your website rather than other unknown businesses. Google takes notice of sites with higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and place them on top of other search engine results.

5. Mobile Friendly Websites

Being mobile friendly as well as having a user friendly website will help to increase your SEO rankings for your new webpages and improve your site’s overall SEO rankings. Google now puts mobile friendly websites on their top pages for search results compared to sites that haven’t embraced these technological advances.

6. Use short and to the point URLS

Keep your homepage and service pages short and to the point. Place your best keywords in your new websites urls. But don’t cram it with just the keywords. This also goes for blog page posts or any other new pages you create and add to your site. For instance:

Bad URLS:;dn=426191358801974;res=IELAPA ?p=1618

Better URLS:

7. Strategic placement of Call to Action

Place strong Call to Action buttons strategically, so visitors know what to do next. Guide them onto conversion by making these buttons attractive so they can be easily noticed. All your SEO efforts will be worthless if you don’t ask your visitors to take action.

8. Testimonials

“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” – Mark Zuckerburg

Get with the program and always ask your clients to write a few words about your company and service and get permission to use them as testimonials on your new website.

9. Strategic Link Building

Have a plan as strategic link building still packs a punch when it comes to SEO rankings. Just steer clear of haphazard and random link building tactics.

10. Get Professional Help

There are certainly ways to boost SEO rankings for your new website. However, it is recommended that you consult and get professional help in terms of SEO, SMO not only for website development but for ongoing management. SEO professionals will advise you how to achieve excellent search results from the start. . When there is a strong foundation, the chances for your website to rank higher on search engines becomes more significant.

Google updates its algorithm constantly, so to remain ahead of your competition, its imperative to have strong content – texts, images, infographics, videos etc. So no matter what changes Google implements if your website has a high quality content offering your clientele up-to-date helpful information and resources, providing solutions to their problems and giving them exactly what they are searching for, you are well placed.

These are the 10 things on how to boost your SEO rankings for your new website but when can you expect to see the results from SEO? We will keep you posted on other improvements and changes as they come to hand.

As for now, tell us what you think works and what doesn’t work when it comes SEO tactics to SEO rankings for your webpages.