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Dos and don’ts in mobile marketing

At the moment, the mobile is a great opportunity for marketers as supply is greater than demand. It’s a new area that isn’t overcrowded yet. It would a smart choice to jump on board early, when the test costs are low. So, be first to grab the largest share of the pie!

As consumers now look into their mobile devices for many different purposes like shopping, searching, entertainment, brand interaction etc, it’s the right time for you to move into mobile arena .But with every new strategy, it’s easy to follow the wrong path and make dumb mistakes. So here’s a short list of do’s and don’ts for a successful mobile marketing campaign.


1. Optimise for mobile

Keeping responsive web and email designs in mind, your content should look good both on desktops and the mobile.

2. Integrate mobile strategy with a social media strategy

For running an effective mobile campaign, integrating your mobile strategy with a social media strategy is essential as well as beneficial. It helps you to reach customers in all communication channels and encourages them to follow you.

3. Use mobile technology

Since customers are using mobiles, they love apps, QR codes, mobile coupons, mobile shopping and so on. Implementing these in your mobile campaign will boost your reputation as a modern brand and will ultimately provide you with opportunities to reach new consumers on a grand scale. You can similarly conduct exciting contests and campaigns.

4. Mind your timing

Follow the strict timing between you and your customer. Consider your working hours, your customers’ daily lives, and their behaviour when visiting your sites. Set all planning and timing before introducing any marketing campaign so that you have all avenues covered.

5. Be an early adapter

Although all your customers may not be into mobile right now, they will definitely be there one day as the popularity of mobiles is being spread slowly but effectively. So, by that time, hopefully you will have captured a leading position in the field of mobile marketing and be ahead of the competition.

Do not:

1. Send everything to everyone

Based on insights by customers, your mobile marketing should vary otherwise the probability of them unsubscribing or spamming you is common.

2. Twin

Making your mobile page a twin of the full version of your website is not a recommended technique for mobile marketing. Remember if you do not like likes endless loading, panning and scrolling, do not expect your customers will either.

3. Use lengthy call-to-action

Do not waste your space with lengthy call-to-action. Make it clear, catchy and short.

4. Ignore Trends

Mobile marketing trends keep changing with time and it’s your responsibility to keep a breast. Releasing your apps and leaving its content responsive will not work well by itself. Keep modifying with any new trends.

5. Leave your employee in darkness

With the various technologies in mobile, be mindful to follow the latest trends and do not overlook customer service. When you have a scheme that offers free vouchers and coupons through your mobile campaign make sure these are customer ready and that your staff are well prepared. Otherwise you are opening a door for your competitors as a disgruntled customer.

Follow these above listed Dos and Don’ts for a successful mobile marketing campaign and if there is any other information that you would like to add then we welcome you to share your tips with us.

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