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Does more Website Content Equal Better Google Ranking?

Does more Website Content Equal Better Google Ranking?

There are no ifs, buts, or even a however; content is king in the world of digital marketing. This has been proven time and again. This has become one of the most important factors for Google to determine where you will show up in their search rankings.

Why Google Likes Content

Think of it this way. Google is serving its customers by providing content or answers to people’s searches. They want to provide them with the best and most comprehensive results so that they continue using their services rather than turn to competitors. To do this, they need to rank websites with the best content per topic.

If they serve terrible, misleading, or content that is too short which does not help the searcher, they would eventually stop using Google’s services and the company would die down. You see, this is the bread and butter of the company. And they reward those who help them.
Website owners can help Google by providing good content to serve to their customers. As a reward, they get better rankings, more traffic, and improved sales.

Content Length

The question that is on everyone’s mind is, how long should content be in order to get better rankings? Does long content automatically equal to higher rankings? Well, the answer to that is a bit more complicated.
Research has shown that the pages showing up in the top 10 search results have an average content length of 2,000 words as the graph below from shows:

While this seems to be cut and dry that your content needs to be at least 2,000 words long, this does not automatically mean that if you have that amount, you’ll get to the top 10. You see, it is still all about the quality of what you have to offer.

Quality Content

If your web page does have more than 2,000 words on it but it keeps on repeating or it offers nothing new, then it still won’t get high rankings. What Google is looking for is quality content that will help searchers. With that, here are some things to consider when writing your content:

Fresh Content

First and foremost, your content should be fresh. This does not necessarily mean creating a completely new idea or having to reinvent the wheel. This can be about a common topic but with a different take on it. It can still be about a topic that has been talked about, but important thing is that it is a fresh idea.

Take Away

When writing your content, ask yourself this, what does the reader have to take away from it? Do they learn something new? Do they get new information that will be useful for them? If the answer is yes, then that’s good. Because that is what Google is looking for as well. You should be able to provide content that readers would have something to take away from it.


Make sure your article or content is relevant in more ways than one. First, it has to be relevant to your industry or to your business. It would not make sense to have a 2,500-word article about travel in a website that sells guitars.
Next is that it must be relevant with the times. Your information should be updated and applicable to today. If you are reviewing a restaurant that has been closed for months, then that doesn’t make sense at all, now does it?

Write for People

One of the biggest mistakes today is businesses start to write for search engines. They try to dissect what their algorithms want to see and cater to that. If you’ll look at the end game, Google simply wants good content to give to their customers. There is no long-term profit in trying to manipulate their system to get higher rankings now only to lose it later. The real trick is to provide content catered for your target audience. If this is something that provides value, it will naturally grow in rankings.

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When writing your content, do not focus on the word count or how long it has to be. Simply focus on providing value to your potential customers. Be authentic in your content. The rest will follow.
When we write my content, my goal is to share my knowledge to those who can use it. And hopeful this has been something useful for you as well. If you are looking for better Google Ranking Services for your website, book your free 30min consultation.