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Design and build your website: Basic things that you need to consider while designing a website

Website designing in today’s world has become very competitive due to increasing numbers of web designers and development companies around the world. There are companies that offer quality web design services along with companies that provide substandard web services to you. So to enlist your work with a worthy service provider in the field of web design then you must consider the following basic points.

1) Content of your site:
Special attention should be paid to the content of your site. As it is said, ‘Content is the king’ so it should be uniquely written with proper message to the clients. Your website and content should match i.e., you should know what you are writing for. Content without any relation to the specific site will weigh down you. You will lose your potential customer due to inappropriate message through content and also your website will rank low in search engines. So, either hire some expert content writer or observe timely to the one who is writing for your site.

2) Determine the target audience:
The most important thing while designing your website is to know your clients and their prospective. Many time designers of the company fall in love with their own work and design their own imagination without the client’s prospect. This will ultimately make client furious. So, ask for the clients view first and if they are unknown about certain things then you can suggest your own ideas. Many visitors on your website seek for ‘what’s in this website for me’. So, know their desire and fulfill their expectation.

3) Purpose of your site:
Your website will be different if it is to generate sales than if the goal is to position your company as experts in your field. If you plan to use internet marketing in your site, knowing it in planning phase will make it easy for the designers to design your site more effectively and fruitfully. So, you should know the purpose of the website first to take it to the further level.

4) Static versus dynamic websites:
You should be able to determine what kind of website you are in need of, whether it should be static website or dynamic. Normally, static website means the website without any databases. It delivers exactly what is stored. But if the purpose of your site is to collect information then it is important to have a database-driven website i.e., dynamic website. If you plan to publish a lot of articles, allow clients to register for seminars, post a lot of dynamic content in your site then a database is necessary and go on for dynamic website.

5) Scalability and accessibility:
While developing a website, budget should also be mesmerized. You should make sure that your site is built with growth in mind so that additional pages can be added whenever needed or your budget supports.

You should design your website in such a way that it becomes compatible with every browser like Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari etc. However, there might be problem with Internet explorer since its very old one with many nifty features such as ActiveX, Microsoft filters, IE Behaviors, and Jscript. It displays images, applets, flash and some proprietary security protocols. So, if you design only for internet explorer, you are going to severely limit your user base.

6) Proper planning:
Proper planning is essential if you want a result driven website for yourself. You should plan from very beginning to the end. You should set up the whole concept in mind and should be able to reveal it. By scheduling content and maintenance, you will ensure your website is up-to-date, fresh, and interesting. This is especially important for launching an e-mail marketing campaign. Without a calendar and accountability, the site updates will fall to the bottom of your long to-do list.

7) Establish the theme of your website:
The theme should reflect to the purpose of your website. So, create the theme that will describe through your design and add the effective content to show how your business will meet the needs of your clients. Reach your target audience in a way that best speaks to them.

8) Pick the right domain name:
Domain name is another factor that you need to give time for. Your domain reflects your site. Hence, you should be very careful while choosing your domain name for your site because you cannot easily change the name easily afterwards. So, spend a considerable amount of time choosing the appropriate domain name. It should be short, easy to remember and should reveal your site.

9) Find the right web hosting company:
Once your domain is ready with your site, you can now host your site. Hosting refers to making your site live in simple term. You should carefully choose a good hosting company because it provides your customers with fast and reliable website views and downloads. You should think of certain things like bandwidth or space they provide you, host’s security, price, what programming tools you will need etc.

10) Monitor your website:
You should monitor your website once it is launched to track the activity of your website. There are paid analytics as well as free such as Google Analytics that helps you determine how many of people are visiting your site, how many of them are querying, how many times your page is visited, where the visitors are from, what keywords to come up to your site etc.This information is very helpful in manipulating which of your current practices are working well and which of them are needed to be changed.

11) Search engine optimization:
Update your site regularly and add more valuable information to your site so that indexer will index each time new things on your site and will raise your site in search rankings. This is a great place to start with SEO i.e. search engine optimization. Additionally, you can encourage your clients and other community partners to link your site which helps to increase visibility of your site and increase your page rank.

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