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Are Hashtags on Social Media Still Relevant?

If you’re looking for a powerful way to reach new audiences and grow your business account on social media, then consistently using hashtags are an absolute must. However, it takes time and effort to see huge results. When used correctly and with intent, hashtags can be one of the most effective routes when you want to build growth, authority, and credibility for your brand. 

Understanding how to use hashtags correctly is a sure-fire way to capture the attention of a wider audience and can help your business connect with your potential customers.

How are hashtags used in social media?

Hashtags were originally created to help users find relevant content based on keywords followed by a # in the search bar. Accounts simply had to include the hashtag in their caption, and the social media algorithm would show the most popular social posts in the search results.

Hashtags have more recently been used to show your post to the right audience, or even boost your post if it features a trending topic. Keep in mind that social media algorithms are becoming even more advanced, and now analyse both the content of the caption and the hashtags to ensure they’re relevant.

How to use hashtags for your business

Whether you have a presence on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, having a clear strategy will make adding hashtags efficient and simple.

Consider the following tips:

  • Research popular hashtags in your industry by looking at each social media platform you use, and reading the posts connected to the hashtag you are considering using.
  • Develop a brand hashtag that is personalised to your business. It should be unique to your organisation, and can be as simple as your organisation name or tagline.
  • Give your audience a reason to use your hashtag. You might want to run a competition or offer a prize or incentive when they use your hashtag.

How many hashtags is too many?

There’s debate on whether you need 40 or 22 or 10 hashtags to accompany your social media posts. The answer? There is no right answer! You need to try it out for your business and see what works best. You can do this by trialling just 10 hashtags for one month, and then trial 30 for the next month. Compare and see which one worked best.

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