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Amplify your business by asking your customer these 7 questions

Most businesses often use an old trial and error method to achieve results. They try one thing and if it doesn’t work, they go with another and if that also seems to be useless then they go for something else. If luck favours, they’ll get results. But is it the actual way to tackle your business problems and get results? No, for sure because it will take more time (even years) to get anywhere and till then many business owners are left broken.

Nevertheless have you tried asking for advice with your customers? If no then try it now. It actually works to get your end results. After all, it’s your customers for whom you are working so hard. Your customers are the one who will get you money so don’t you think it’s vital to listen to them? I am sure you already have an answer with a smile on your face.

Despite of all those trial and error method, simply ask your customer these 7 questions and you’ll definitely fly high with your business.
1. How did you hear about us?

You implement several marketing strategies to spread your business but all of them do not work. You might be wasting your time and money implementing those unreliable strategies. So to keep yourself in safe hands, as your customers “how did you hear about us?” because it will enhance and improve on what’s working and what’s not for you.

2. What made you decide to buy from us?

This is one of the most simple but yet effective question that you must ask to your customers. Many of the business owner are failed to answer if I ask them “Why do your customers buy from you?” Few of them say customers buy because they are cheaper than others. But in general it is not true. If you want to know the real answers then ask it to your customers. Probably you can improve better and make them even happier. Happy clients will tell others!

3. What were your concerns while purchasing from us?

This is another essential question to ask because for every answer you get, ten other people thought it and didn’t buy. Hmm.. that hurts right? So start asking this question with your new client so that you can unblock all the roadblocks that are preventing more sales.

4. What problems disappeared when you started using our products?

Your customers buy your products with an aim that it will solve their problems. But most of the business owners are unaware about what problems are solved through their products.   By not knowing this information it makes it extremely difficult to be effective in your marketing. That is why you should take a step ahead and interact with your customers that what problems were solved when they started using your products. Once you get the answer, in collaboration with your marketing team, turn these insights into great headlines, powerful images or even special promotions.

5. When is your birthday?

This is one of the clever questions which makes you stay connected with your customers emotionally. This is the question that will make your customer feel special. Now, wonder how? Here’s the answer. While customer sign up a form, add a field – Date Of Birth and ensure that the date is entered into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Then you can schedule your CRM to email your receptionist three days before someone’s birthday. Then the receptionist can send email with an attractive greeting card and birthday message to make their day extra special. Many people have such a busy schedule that they even forget their own birthday and when they see a surprise birthday message from your company then they feel like you really cared for them and that matters a lot for building a good relationship with your customers. So be ready to apply this smart act.

6. What else would you like us to sell?

Once your customer-relationship is right on track, ask them what else would they like you to sell. This is the killer question that will lead you towards million of dollars of profits.

As already mentioned, your products are aimed at solving your customer’s issue but you create another problem as well. That is why be aware of the extra problems you create and deliver products accordingly in collaboration with your customers so that they stick with you.

7. What is one thing that we could do better?

Last but not the least, this question is all about going deeper. This question will surely force people to come up with something to say for your business which you might not have detected yet.  It can actually act like the key to unlocking something very powerful about your business. So definitely go with it.

To sum it up, your customers are the key to unlocking the profitable outcomes of your business. So get feedback from them in a smart and meaningful way. Grab a pen and spend the next ten or fifteen minutes planning out how and when you are going to integrate these questions into your business.

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