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7 Harsh Truths about Market Leader Websites

Whether the company is a large globally renowned one or a small one, all of them make mistakes while running their websites. However, you can address some common mistakes by looking at this post where seven harsh truths about market leader websites are mentioned.

1. Work full time to manage your website

The task is not completed when a website is ready and live. Continuous attention is required for updates, enhancements and changes any new technology. Many companies now hire staff to maintain their websites. In most cases, staffs are usually junior members who do not necessarily have the experience or authority to push the websites forward. So, if you want a result driven website then it’s crucial to invest in hiring full-time senior web managers to advance your web strategies forward.

2. Update your website with time

As time passes you are introduced to various kinds of new and effective technologies. In comparison to these new technologies, your current website will be out-dated. Eventually, the website becomes an embarrassment making it necessary for management to step in to upgrade it.That is why, as soon as you become aware of new and available technology, you should instinctively update it so that your website looks refreshed and keeping up with trends.

3. You should have specific target customers

When building a website focus on your target market and not everybody. Yes, it is one of the harsh truths. It is important to be extremely focused on your target audience and accordingly categorise your design and content.

4. Ineffective investment on social media means total waste of money

These days’ social media is an essential adjunct to your website. Web managers are beginning to use tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to increase engage with new audiences. However, although they are using these tools, too often they do it ineffectively. They are haphazardly using social media only for the promotional tactic. They forget to interact with their customers and are busy in randomly advertising and publicising themselves. Social networking is about people engaging with people where individuals do not want to build a relation with brands and corporations.

5. Your website is not all about you only

Many websites do not appeal to everybody. It’s limited to them and company employees. This typically manifests an inappropriate design that caters to the managing director’s personal preferences and contains content full of jargon. A website should not only be for their employees but should rather meet the users’ needs.

6. You have excessive content

In today’s busy world, every one now has moved to infographics rather than huge texts. As we know a picture speaks thousand words. It does not mean “no” texts at all but being selective with texts. Many web managers have a fear of missing something so they put everything to their website believing users will find whatever they want. Unfortunately, with so much information available, it is hard to find anything. So keep it simple.

7. A CMS is not a must

Many website owners think that a website without CMS may create a bad impression. This is not true. Having a CMS depends upon your website. Though CMS helps in many ways like reducing technical barriers of adding contents, allowing easy adding, editing and deleting contents with greater control, it is not required if your website is static. Only dynamic and large websites require CMS for easy control and updates.

In keeping the above mentioned seven harsh truths in mind any action will significantly allow your web strategies to become more effective over the long term. Facing unique challenges can lead to painful mistakes but resolving these problems means accepting the mistakes and ensuring your web marketing is heading towards the direction of success.

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