5 Web Designing Trends in 2017

5 Web Designing Trends in 2017

The world is ever changing and so is the web technology. The new technology and ever improving tools are over flowing the market. And these techs allow for greater freedom when it comes to creativity and designing web interfaces. Because of this, latest patterns and techniques used for web designing can begin to trend within a short period of time.

It is certain that, you can’t judge a book by its cover but you surely can judge a website by its design. The space of web design have gone through immense changes throughout the years as new features are always being developed and the software used is frequently updated.  Parallax designs, infinites scrolling, banners, social media integration and many more, the list just goes on. With so many choices available it is difficult to pick the best one.

Here is our collection of the best 5 Web Designing Trends in 2017 that will overtake the industry.

  1. Typography

Typography has become one of the greatest tools for web designers in 2017 and have proved itself as the key element in website design. Companies are turning towards big and bold typography for the landing and home pages to keep their clients interested. This style is vastly used in websites where rest of the pages’ content is kept as minimal and clean. This design is great for portfolio websites, informative websites and search engines.

  1. Animation

How to keep your clients cling on to your website and keep them interested? The answer, have animated websites. High definition images are the standard content for a website whereas integrated gifs, videos and animations are the next level content.

Not only they are fun to go through but they also enrich the website’s layout and show your skill and creativity as a designer. In this interactive resume the designer have described himself through the game like animation which has provided his website a different look as well as showcasing his creative skills.

  1. Going back to old school

How to provide an artistic feel to your website? Merge the old and new school of techniques together and come up with a different design. You can give the website a hand- drawn feel to it. A doodle, a stickman on the website can bring back nostalgia from childhood for the visitors and helps to revive the old in the new world.

  1. Geometric shapes and patterns

Geometrical patterns and shapes are popping up as a new trend in design more frequently, adding some flair and slickness to the websites. In 2016, Flat Design was the most trending design for the websites, as a result websites ended up looking somewhat similar to one another. As a result, in 2017 geometric shapes and patterns are making their way to the top on the list for designers’ choices. Shapes like hexagons, squares and triangles are popping up frequently in the websites. The use of different geometrical shapes and figures have made aesthetic branding very distinctive.

  1. Minimalism

We have all visited sites such as Fmovies, GoMovies, Netflix and others. What we see there is, instead of presenting you with a homepage, they present you with a ‘card’. This card acts as a doorway to more information. This is what minimalisation is all about.

Why keep all the information on the same page and make it heavy? From the UX point of view, it is not good. For example- Netflix has successfully implied the card design for their website. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it has helped the page to load much faster.

Hope these web designing trends are suitable for building or updating your company’s website, and prove helpful in generating more quality leads for your business. Want to increase your competitive edge and profits? Contact VIS to design and build you a beautiful looking result driven website. We have a brilliant team of website designers and developers with years of industry experience. Call 1300 777 847 NOW!